Between my late nights at the office and the social pressure I’m getting from friends/family for being such a bore the past 2 days (I’M EXHAUSTED FA’CRYING OUT LOUD)… My time of tranquility is simply condensed into the somewhat surreal ride I take home… I put on my happy song and drift into a world of my own… with no regard or care for my fellow traffickers… what is my happy song you may ask?? Come on everyone has a happy song… but mine has been the same since forever!!! Sympathique by Pink Martini… I know! It’s French . . . so under the melancholy of the lyrics that we all relate to at a certain time of our lives… and the subtle hint of Jazz in her 1930-40’s cabaret voice… the beat, ironically, is quite uplifting!!! The song makes me feel like the lady in red standing under the Eiffel Tower in a black and white postcard with no motion or sign of existence except the subtle breeze tingling through my hair. (Told you I had an imagination, see how surreal my ride home is: P)
On a more realistic note, or not, I woke up this morning with a distinct recollection o a short but awkward dream I had… now awkward to me basically means having a normal dream!!! This time though, it wasn’t just normal, straight up, it had a twist of lemon, it was in complete French!What was up with that??
Have you ever had a dream in French, Spanish, Greek or jibberish? No wait, the last one doesn’t count, you have to speak and understand it in ur dream…
I mean the last broken French I spoke was when ordering flowers for a friend in Paris a few months ago; which doesn’t even count coz the bloody florist kept replying in English, harshly insulting my weak attempt to practice a little. I miss the Haitian cab drivers though; they always gave me credit for effort:)

Anyways, back to the dream!!!
So after distracting myself with the usual daily routine preparing both physically and mentally, I then off’ed to work !!

Back in the car, after saying my travel prayer (hey with my reckless driving I never maneuver without saying a prayer), I decide to put a little music on. And the song was still playing… French French French… So I started thinking to myself… and this is the typical me coming out… what was that dream about?? It can’t be anything to do with the song… I’ve been listening to all sorts of music from around the world and never had such an encounter… and a “visual stimulus of Paris from above – on a certain someone’s blog – can’t be the culprit responsible” !!It has to be something latent. What is it that’s swiveling in the midst of the dark abyss I call my brain?? Is my “id” trying to tell me something?? Should I even be referring to Freud?? After all he is a male chauvinist pig that bases his understandings strictly on the noble women of the society (like I’m not :p). Claiming everything and anything is a reflection of our sexual disposition!!! (Personally I believe his findings are just a reflection of his own innate raging testosterone levels, horny Barsturd… I mean hello who believes erotic desires start at infancy, Child molester??) Ok I take it back, he is genius!! A little extravagant but hey he is the father of psychoanalysis! Right?? So what would I be saying if I were laying on Freud’s Couch? But, Ooooh, more importantly what analysis would Freud have for me?? Ok Lets not even go there… But, is this Romantic/ Freudian tactic too introspective of ones own self analysis?? Or should we regard our dreams as insight to our true desire… Clues to our active unconscious! So is Freuds notion that our every experience and move is part of nature? You know what that means right? That every dream, move, ridiculous idea, slip of the tongue (hence “Freudian slip”) has a latent meaning reflecting the lurkings of our cognition!!!

What have you been dreaming of lately?



January 27, 2006

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Just a quick Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian, the master himself MOZART :)

Thanx for Ronda ala Turca old chap, got me pulling my hair out coz my fingers could never keep up with the tempo; but, what a feeling when I mastered it !!!

Highs and Lows

January 27, 2006

Highlight’s of my Day :


1. Though quiet and some what bashful, I have managed to integrate myself in The Mans World !! Sorry to all u feminists, but in my everyday life it really is a Mans World. I can’t remember the last time i exchanged Biz cards with a fellow lady, as a matter of fact I don’t think I ever have.. Well, this morning truly and utterly I was the only Daughter of Eve in a room filled with 40 men from around the region ! Why is this a hi to me ?? Don’t let ur mind run too far now ;P The reason it felt so good, was simply coz i managed to gather these men all in the same place at the same time for the same reason, flawlessly !! And considering that was an accomplishment on its own, it got even better when the day ended coz it was a great success !! Thank goodness !!! so I can’t help thinking The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World !!

2. Got my Baby back !!! It took me an hour to find the Dealership to return the car they gave me and collect mine.. but no complaints.. the instant I saw her waiting for me all polished and prettied up I was all smiles :) :) :)

3. Catching up over a late sushi lunch with my big bro.. it was long over due !!


1. Heading home after picking up my car, a stupid geezzzeeerr kept tagging along behind me until he almost got me bloody killed !! I mean 2 inches away from death !! anyways I’m just venting !! I revved my baby and he ate my dust !! literally !!

2. After i lost the git.. I was cruising home and randomly put on this song: Daft Punk – Something about us- … I love this song.. got a smooth beat.. but mostly a true sentimental value to it.. I used to listen to this song with my bro (god rest his soul) when we felt BLAAAAAA and just felt like cruising !


Miss him like crazy :(



Which brings me to todays question ppl !!

Is it really a Taboo for a kuwaiti lady to visit the dead?

Is it really un-cultural and forbidden by Kuwait society for a woman to trot on graveyard premises ??

And seeming it’s not forbidden, yet disliked & disapproved, by Islam why is it still seen as a big deal ???