5 spots left for the 2006 Gumball 3000…

There’s no way I can go… simply coz I didn’t prepare anything and I doubt I can in less than a month !! Got too caught up in life…

well I guess that just gives me more time to plan for 2007 !!!

I am not kidding !!!

I will go !!!


If not next year then the year after !!!







Daddy’s Little Girl ?

March 21, 2006

I haven’t posted in a while… been quite ill lately… too weak to even bring myself to vent about my misfortunes… but lets not get into that mood, coz frankly I just had the biggest smile on my face all evening… thanx to my darling Daddyooo… The story goes a little like this :In the midst of my mellow mood I find myself arriving home without even noticing, exhausted, apparently I drove blindly with nothing on my mind but the tranquilizing Bob Marley tunes playing on a low volume… following my instinct taking me via the routine path to the home I have lately been acquainted to as a facade… I casually park right at the front gate not bothered to turn the corner and park in the garage… I walk into the front foyer glimpsing my father at the corner of my eye in the family room with his feet up on the ottoman and enjoying a conversation with my uncle through the spiffy new phone I gifted him yesterday… I rushed up to change and freshen up, briskly coming down to greet him with a proper kiss on the head after he was done from his call… (Mum’s out of town)

So I plot myself on the neighbouring sofa and relax my legs on the arm rest, dangling them in mid air… finally I can put my feet up after a long day at work, where my poor tiny feet had been the ones holding me up in 4 inch heels all day!!! (I know I’ve been down, sick and uninspired, but that’s the more reason why a gal’s gotta dress up and keep going to work)…

After the usual hello’s, how was your day… the funniest thing happened…Me: Baba ish ga3d it6ali3 ? Jankeez Khaan :P
Daddyoo: walla madre yabooch… haach ilremote shoofelina shayin zain 7abebty.. oo itha 7a9altay Jankeez Khaan lich 7alawa :P
Me: Ma akil 7alaaaw, make it more interesting :P
Daddyoo: (while walking out of the room) hehehe mashalah 3alaich ana ashtery hal chaaaklait 7ag ilyahaal o akil weyahom o yertifi3 ilsekar 3indy !!

I continue searching thru the channels trying to spot something interesting, when all of a sudden my Dad walks in wearing 2 reading glasses and a huge smile with his hands behind his back. (Yeah 2 specs !! he really believes he sees clearer with 2 rather than just one with the proper lenses :P).

At this point, my adrenaline rises and my heart pulses with excitement… just what I need… a surprise… a gift to lift my mood… a gesture of love to assure me, that no matter what, I’ll always have unconditional love from the true ppl that care for me, my unusual, annoying and out of this world loony family I love to bits.

My dear dear dear father extended his hand with even more excitement than myself and says

“3indy lich hadiya 7bebty”.My eyes open so wide that the tips of my lashes tickled my brows… fireworks in my eyes and my smile lavishly extends to an ear to ear grin. Just like the time he got me the beautiful diamond bracelets I dare not wear as I simply fear loosing them. Or the wonderful leather goods he gifted reflecting his classic European sophisticated taste. Better yet, the time he took me to the car dealers and stopped at the most breathtaking shinny convertible and said “

I want this one for my daughter” !!!


Now picture this :



It’s a mobile phone thingy bob, bag, case, holder, carrier or whatever you wanna call it…

IT’ UUUUUUGGGLYY :p Cute, but Ugggllly :P

Me: Aaaaawwwwhhhhh Baba thank you. (I kiss him on the head) What is it ? :P

Dadyyoo: it’s a phone purse, so when u go to the gym. Shofay itha eyazy telephonich !!
Me: (sliding my phone in) eeee perfect fit Baba, Mashkoor wayed. Min wain akhath’ta ??
Dadyyoo: Walla yabooch yayiblich yah min London bs nesait 3ana min redait !!
Me: Bil3aks wayed istanast you gave it to me today, I really needed something like this.
(I meant the laughs not the actual dolly bag :P)

I usually tell my dad when I don’t like something… but I just couldn’t break his heart and tell him how UGLY this was hehehheheheh :P But I was really thankful and happy to get it… it’s the first thing that made me truly crack up in weeks considering the state I’ve been in !!! Goes to show you how not everything shinny, pretty, sparkly and expensive could make you smile… sometimes it’s just the randomest most unusual things :)


Being the youngest of the bunch my dad always referred to me as the baby, actually everyone did… hold on… they still do… Hence, being a young woman of 25 to my father I’m still a child. As he always says “you’ll always be 16 in my eyes, just a baby”!!!

Seriously, the older I get, the stricter the curfew, and when my folks travel they make sure one of my brothers baby-sits :P considering this is my first year in Kuwait, and living back with the family, it’s kinda cute they still want to do their parentally duties :P

Fav KhaLeeJi Words !!!

March 8, 2006

Ba7RaiN :

ZiNGaFRa (Vest or faneela or something of that sort)
KhaRee6a (Plastic bag or carry bag)
HeLLoaN (Like this, Chethe)

SauDi :

eeeeWWWWaaaaaa (Yes)
iLLa (No)
KaBaKaaT (Bezmat)
MaRRa (Wayed)

Qa6aR :

Faallllaaaaaa (3ajeeb)
KaRaK (Chai 7aleeb hindi)
Ma7eD (not around, mo mowjood)


KaNDoRa (Dishdasha, Thob)
ShiBRiYa (Bed, Frash, kerfaya)
iNDoaCh (Haach)

Kuwait :

ChaeWeR (reverse, U turn to the opisite direction)
MeGaGa (Khulg, Bareth, Mazaj)

Oman :

nothing comes to mind, sorry :P