Ok so the title is a little diseaving… but both statements make perfect sense…

Lets talk about the second one first… Steel $19 Bn…. sounds tempting ha ?? Well think again.. Only so much in life is that easy… That was the amount made last year by a certain Steel Mogul.. This is a little story about a man with a long term vision and an emense amount of patience.. I’m sure many of you have heard of Lakshmi Mittal… owner and CEO of the world’s largest steel company Mittal Steel; ranking him on the worlds top Billionaires list.. now what intrigues me about this innovative man is his ability to foresee fortune and the extraordinary $19 Billion Year … Mittal’s actual net worth is over $23.5 Bn..
He spent $60 million on his daughters wedding.. Giving her day a little more than any regular Fairytale wedding.

Why should you always be nice to the person that fills up ur tank at the gas station ?

Firstly, it’s good manners.
Secondly, no matter how limited their jobs may seem, they also have ambition and dreams.. And you gotta respect a person that can pump ur gas and is silently planning for a huge enterprise while waiting for the tank to fill up.. an enterprise like Reliance Industries Limited.

Reliance Industries Limited is India‘s largest private sector company with a turnover of 744 billion rupees (US$16.7 billion) for the fiscal year ending in March 2004. It was founded by Dhirubhai Ambani in the 1970’s.

Allah ehaneehom and I hope we see more innovative and rising companies in this region too :)



I think I’m probably the most accident prone person in the world… al 7amdilla I’ve never had a car accident *coz I’m a great driver* a7im a7im … actually correction.. *I’m a mad driver*… but I’m the type of person that walks into walls.. trips over herself… don’t get me wrong.. I’m no klutz or clumsy old chap.. but I have ZERO sense of observation.. so things tend to happen to me.. and when they do they happen big.. or cause a domino affect and lead to even more embarrassment.. so much so that I have become immune to embarrassment.. block all existence and walk on like nothing happened… So all in all.. I’m the epitome of Murphy’s Law… If something’s gonna go wrong it’s gonna go wrong aaaaaaannnnddd at the wrong time !!

if you read on, you will be in for further confusion..
Now.. as I am an extreme in everything.. there is Good that comes with my Murphyism.. I’m a good luck charm… I’m one of those ppl that has a vivid aura beaming positive energy all the time.. wherever I go wherever I am… (I’m only Goobusa to myself :P) so I’m not imde7ing myself… It’s a fact !!! Seriously !!

The Vairiables

U know how if you have a bad hair day ur mood accompanies it ?
well today was the perfect hair day for me… PERFECT I tell you !!
It looked healthy, shiny, full of body and full of life and just did it’s own flirting with every move I made… aaaaaahhhhh absolute bliss…

Independent Variable (v1) = Great Hair
Dependant Variable (v2) = Mood

The Hypothesis
I thought to myself… today is the day !!
there was nothing.. or no one.. in the world that could make me feel a tad less than Happy !! I was just on such a high coz my Hair Loooookkkeedd Gorgeous !!


I was heading to the airport to meet family and wait for mums flight to arrive…
at the traffic light… they were selling Gold fish… I bought Gold fish for the kids… (I was in such a good mood I coulda bought a jar of sand at any price)
I was speeding.. and trying to keep as much water in the tiny tank as I could..
I decided to place it on my lap for stability..
at airport parking the car ahead of me kept halting suddenly and hence the water in the tank was sadly lessening..
I found parking and parked..
I stood out of the car and I looked at the water patch on my jeans and top…
Yes it was evident… so very very obvious !!!
I looked like I had Just peed on myself !

I enter the airport walk casually with beautifully flowy hair… and what seemed to be a hard not to notice pee patch !!
I did nothing to even try to cover it up… I kept strolling… shopped in Virgin and Boots…
mum arrived
went back home !

No one noticed the pee !!
every one notice the hair !!

Datum 1: Greeting my sister
Sis: Hi 7abebty DiiGMooNa
DiiGMaa: Hi Darling *Kiss Kiss*
Sis: Your Hair !! it’s gorgeous ? it’s like you just stepped out of a VS catalogue… who did it for u ?
DiiGMaa: Me !!
Sis: I’m so Jealous.. Mashalah u do you hair better than any stylist.. Do my hair tomorrow plz !!

Datum 2: Random Lady and Daughter
Daughter: aby sha3ry nafs’ha
Lady: ee 7ilo
Lady aproaches me saying: Mashala sha3rich wayed 7iloo shloan imsowyeta ? dahnita ? o fee ser ?
DiiGMaa: Mashkoora khalty.. la ma adhina..
Daughter: wain sowaiteeh.
DiiGMaa: bilbait…
Daughter: weeeee
Lady: Mashoora
DiiGMaa: il3afoo

Datum 3: Boots sales person
Boots Guy: Do you always use Charles Worthington on ur hair ?
DiiGMaa: No actually.. I haven’t in ages coz the don’t sell it here.. thank goodness u guys opened :)
Boots Guy: Hope you don’t mind me saying it.. but your hair is lovely
DiiGMaa: Thanx :)

Datum 4: Mum
DiiGMaa: 7imdilla 3ala ilsalama mum
Mum: allah esalmich 7abebty.. ish7ilwich 9ayraa mashalaah…
sha3rich ehaabil ishzeena 9ayer 7abebty

Data 5-16,005: plenty of neck turning and double takes :P

x2 (1, N = 16005) = 14.71, p = .0018

V1 + V2 = Positive correlation

The Research


No one noticed the Pee !!
My Mood was perfect coz my hair was perfect…
and I couldn’t care less how silly I looked like walking around with a Pee patch :P



June 10, 2006

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