Billionaire Gas-station attendant or Steel $19 Billion ?

June 18, 2006

Ok so the title is a little diseaving… but both statements make perfect sense…

Lets talk about the second one first… Steel $19 Bn…. sounds tempting ha ?? Well think again.. Only so much in life is that easy… That was the amount made last year by a certain Steel Mogul.. This is a little story about a man with a long term vision and an emense amount of patience.. I’m sure many of you have heard of Lakshmi Mittal… owner and CEO of the world’s largest steel company Mittal Steel; ranking him on the worlds top Billionaires list.. now what intrigues me about this innovative man is his ability to foresee fortune and the extraordinary $19 Billion Year … Mittal’s actual net worth is over $23.5 Bn..
He spent $60 million on his daughters wedding.. Giving her day a little more than any regular Fairytale wedding.

Why should you always be nice to the person that fills up ur tank at the gas station ?

Firstly, it’s good manners.
Secondly, no matter how limited their jobs may seem, they also have ambition and dreams.. And you gotta respect a person that can pump ur gas and is silently planning for a huge enterprise while waiting for the tank to fill up.. an enterprise like Reliance Industries Limited.

Reliance Industries Limited is India‘s largest private sector company with a turnover of 744 billion rupees (US$16.7 billion) for the fiscal year ending in March 2004. It was founded by Dhirubhai Ambani in the 1970’s.

Allah ehaneehom and I hope we see more innovative and rising companies in this region too :)




46 Responses to “Billionaire Gas-station attendant or Steel $19 Billion ?”

  1. Marzouq said

    That is a brilliant true story DiiGMaa, but the problem with that bil ikwait is that there are too many people stealing from the top for a person from the bottom to make his way up without stealing.. im not saying its impossible, but just that its very difficult, but inshalla one day things will turn around bil ikwait. Things werent always like this!

    But that is one hell of a wedding! I wonder if Angelina Jolie was invited! hahahaha! The first thing that popped into my head was how good was the Indian food, because (enter southern accent here) hot-damn I love me some Indian food! hehehehehehehe!

    O hot india girls are rediculously hot! Im not kidding! They are really really hot! … Now I want to go to India! hahahaha!

  2. DiiGMaa said

    Glad u liked it :)
    Hmmm I have faith too… I don’t completely disagree with you.. but I think I’ll just reply with a quote to save the lengthy explination..

    “Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife” – Jonathan Schattke

    and yes the wedding aaahhh who cares about Angelina Jolie !!! why weren’t WE invited :P

    I love India, it’s food, it’s culture, Boolywood :P the music.. meditation and so much more.. if you go plz take me with you… *nodding head from side to side and putting on my Indian accent* Goodness I’d love to walk around in a sari, bindi and payal… aarry waaah I want to be in BoolyWood u know :P

  3. Marzouq said

    DiiGMaa we werent invited because we couldnt dance in the bollywood skit! I dont think Im good enough anyways! I dont know if you can pull some Bollywood moves!

    I’ve seen the house he bought in london! Its rediculous! The amount of money this man spends is really really rediculous! He makes the Hiltons look poor seriously! Now he is an Asian powerhouse!

    Next time they throw a part I will go in as your bus boy and you can serve the drinks and little wrapped food while Im running back and for between you and kitchen for refills and stuff.. we will have the whole thing covered! I think that is the only way possible for us to enter their BARTY! lol

  4. DiiGMaa said


    That house is mad !!
    Yes I am a Drama Queen when I want to be :P and emmmm I think I can carry a move or two… I can definetely pull off the sari look :P Booooollly Woood here I come !!!

    as for the BARTY !! Hmmm I’ve alwaaaaays wanted to serve drinks if it weren’t for my mums voice ringing in my head (HELL) and my dislike of the odor :P I got scout at school by a Coyote Ugly Girl and she tempted me by saying a Gal could easily make $1000 per night just off tips… aaahhh if only :P

    I like your attempt.. it sounds fun.. but don’t u know me by now ?? MZzee !!! DiiGMaa could work her charm and have u seeted right by Tony Blair at dinner if u want ;P

    hehehe ban6aag ilyoom ;P

  5. ZiZoTiMe said

    Let’s Steel some Billions together :P

  6. LaiaLy_q8 said

    thanx for all the good info :) very interesting

  7. DiiGMaa said


    a5eeeraaan a7ad beqaamer weyaay !!!
    u bring the masks o I know the area and ppl from the inside !!! ;P

    NeYaHahaha *evil laugh*

  8. DiiGMaa said


    ur welcome darling..
    and feel free to join us at the Bank robbery… or the BARTY ;p

  9. Marzouq said

    Laa.. DiiGMaa Im telling you, some of my friends are waiters and bartenders in the states and they get access to things you dream off! Like a Mariah Carey party, or Maxim Magazine party, or a Masaratti Unveiling Party! And its nuts!

    I wouldnt want to sit next to Tony Blair! He would be too boring, and mingling around with people who have no clue you are there just gives you the chance to surprise them when we get on the dance floor and pull our bollywood moves! They would be showering us with conrtacts and money!

    hehehehe! U could do a good job as Coyote Ugly! I went to the on in Las Vegas, but there is a better bar called peaches if Im not mistaken… I go for the eye-candy only.. but that was back in the day! I can see that you are also tempted to work as a hottie behind the bar… I was very tempted, but like you said .. it was in my head the whhooolleee time! So lets work on the bollywood skit! asap! so we can get in there next time! lol!

  10. DiiGMaa said

    Hmmm peaches.. I don’t know it… never been to any.. not even Coyote Ugly.. I was just scouted while sitting at school doing a crossword between classes… but eye-candy I’m all for ;P I like to surround myself with pretty things..

    Well seeming we’re both doomed to be HOT Bollywood starts.. then ur right, we gotta start working on the moves ;P hope u know how to move ur neck from side to side hehehe ;P I’m in the mood for Bangra music now.. thats probably the work out of all work outs… they do all kinda circusy stuff.. reminded me of my deci friends in the day :P the orginizer of he bangra group was one of my fav friends ever.. reminded me of my brother allah yer7ima… he was a great choreographer, DJ and Armani model on the side… hmmmm maybe we should ask him for help !!!

  11. Caffeinated said

    Great read, DiiGMaa!

    I had a lunchbreak to relax (yes I know it’s only 10:45 AM, call it a Brunch break perhaps?) and so it was nice to click-click-click my way to knowing more about this successful businessman.

    I will say this, though:
    I am not a fan of big weddings.

    Or ANY kind of wedding at all.

    I hope his daughter was able to enjoy her wedding, but I know if it was me, I would say PEACE OUT and then blitz outta there!

  12. Marzouq said

    I have three indian friends of mine and none of them can dance indian without laughing.. one is from the ghetto.. he has had it rough, but he is funny as hell.. and the other guy is too tall to dance.. he moves like a huge palm tree in the wind with two left feet.. and the other guy is just rediculously shy!

    So I make up for all three of them and pull all the moves! lol! Desi or any other move that comes to mind! hehehehehe

  13. DiiGMaa said


    Glad you liked it… I think these reads always make me strive more for my dreams and ambitions… not for the money (though thats nice too).. but for satisfaction of achievment…

    as for weddings, hehehhhee “Run Forest Run” was the image I got reading ur comment ;P

    I like small weddings… I want to invite only ppl that I know and care for… my brother and I were discussing it last week.. when either of us gets married (if we find Mr/s Right) then we want to PARTY all night and have fun… not just sit and look pretty or handsome. ;P


    hehhhe the Palm tree comment cracked me up ;P ok good.. u can dance.. I’ll clap and look pretty Lol…

  14. Marzouq said

    Just so you know.. any moves I pull are copyrighted.. and they may not have anything to do with the music or the beat! hahahahahha!

  15. DiiGMaa said


    ana agoool Lets stick to Gumball ;P loool

  16. Marzouq said

    Lol! Im down with the Gumball, but we can work on the choreography later!! I tried email you but for some reason it aint working for me!!! hehehehe!! try emailing me from another email? could that work? So I could email u the details!! hehehe!

  17. DiiGMaa said


    OMG 3omrik 6weeel… I just emailed u from my Gmail account.. and I got an MSN pop up telling me u posted at the same time.. yella email me back or add me.. lets get this baby rolling ;)

  18. Marzouq said

    ding u got mail! lol!

  19. CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said

    No joke, for Mittal marriages, one guy didnt turnup, only because of poor health….it was Bill Clinton!

  20. DiiGMaa said


    Welcome to my Blog :)
    hehehehe Makes u think ha !! ;P

  21. Dr.Lost said

    girl u just heard about his steel company? if u wanna be impressed u shud c how he made 19 billion in a year.. im sure u know he bought all the steel companies in europe and thats how he basically made it, but the trick was that whenever he wud buy a company he wudnt put it in his name so that no one wud notice that he’s buyin all the steel companies in europe (monopoly etc..) and at the end he owned them all ! i really respect MIttal, hope i can make 10 % of how much he made one day :) and btw i just realized u’re an aquarious!! we r the shit arent we? :)

  22. DiiGMaa said

    Dr Lost:

    No I’ve been tracking Mittals rise for a while.. Mittal has been one of my infatuations since his 19 Bn profit last Year… yeah he’s a damn smart cookie.. but u missed the most important aspect to his eastern European purchaces.. his Monopoly is definitely aclaimed for.. but it’s that fact that he saw potential in these worn out, under valued Companies that had minimal worth decades ago… he saw potential in them and awaited his 19 Bn break thru !!! what he got for penuts he got Billions out of..
    I hope u make more than Mittal one day and me too ;P

    and Yeah Aqua’s are the Shit !! u tell them Boo ;***
    We’re the intellects of the zodiac.. most creative.. deepest thinkers.. most rebellious.. I can go on !!

    What more would one like to be !!;P

  23. Temetwir said

    am sorry but i think ur confusing turnover with profit

    and then again i would imagine trade of steel far exceeds the 19 bn for the size of his company

    at any rate, i just dont see that there’s any chance for him to “make” a hefty ~80% profit for himself of what you report as being his net worth..
    just doesnt work that way in real life no matter how lucky he gets aw shkether da3yatla oma

  24. DiiGMaa said


    Welcome to my blog :)

    awaalan cool down ya baba hehehe wayed 3a9abt… thaniyaan have some faith… oma moo bas da3yatlaa mashlalah ;P this does happen in real life and if you play your cards right with passion and a will then maybe your luck will strike too…

    ok darling if you have noticed the links provided are to specify the source of this eye opening information.. I’m merely commenting on the repots myself and not the reporter :)

    P.s. I like ur blog.. oh & Thanx for your concern regarding my confusion (knowledge) of the discussed field… maybe not at this level, but this is a typical case scenario I look into everyday.. inshallah hem ana ad3eelik o lema u make a few billions u’ll remember me ;P

  25. Marzouq said

    Girl where have you been!! busy at work? how was the shalaih? lol! Re7t el shalaih bes kaan hawa o I just felt like staying in and watching movies! lol!

  26. DiiGMaa said


    My goodness.. hectic weekend !! didn’t end up going to chalet coz I had a spell of
    “In a bit” syndrome.. in a bit ended up tirning to friday night and no sun burns :P

    hmmmm laish u didn’t go out on the beach ?? my family swam and said the weather was great..

    all I did this weekend was lounge around on sofa’s… even when I went out I ended up lounging on a friends sofa then on a few cafe sofa’s…

    after all that busy work load during the week.. lounging and sleeping on the weekend seemed like straining activity ;P

    What a loyal reader ;***
    Sorry been a lazy gitt…
    promise I’ll comment and post more ;)

  27. skunk said

    interesting post indeed.

    i would have to say that there are quite a few people in kuwait, mostly foreigners, but some kuwaitis, who’ve also made a fortune after landing here with almost nothing. the few true kuwaiti entrepreneurs i know actually started out with very little, one of them is worth KD300 mill now at 65.

    kuwait is actually a very good place to make your fortune :D

    necessity is one thing, “no other option” is by far a much stronger driving force.

    have a look at warren buffet.

    unlike mittal who inherited a company built by former generations, buffett did it all on his own, and started with only $100 of his own money pooled in with a total starting capital of $100,000.

    to date he is the second richest man on the forbes list, valued at around $60 billion.

    the amazing thing is, hes the only one on that list that did it thru investing in the stock market,…everyone else built something or made something etc.

    but no one, including investment/finance people really study him cos what he does is boring, not sexy and mostly involves him reading annual reports which put most people to sleep.

    but his shit works :D i’m living testament to it,…even tho i only started reading about him recently, by applying his philosophies i actually managed to survive the market crash and i’m actually positive for the year :D

    and its no secret, no math formula,…it just boils down to having the stomach :P

    >:( still eons away from my first million tho.

  28. DiiGMaa said


    Welcome to my Blog darling…

    I wish you all the best in your ambitions and goals.. I love to see determined ppl in Kuwait.. the more the better.. the more business.. the more job creation the better the economy and so on so forth… I agree if you follow certain key factors you may survive and reach the aim you set.. the crash I was antisipating.. discussed it continuosly with a collegue for month.. I predicted early 2006.. he predicted mid 2006…

    Nevertheless, Buffet is a master mind no doubt…
    it’s funny u bring him up.. I was just reading in CNN Money yesterday (June 25th 2006)this:

    “Warren Buffett gives away his fortune

    The world’s second richest man – who’s now worth $44 billion – tells editor-at-large Carol Loomis he will start giving away 85% of his wealth in July – most of it to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

    hehehhe makes u think ha ?? :)

    now in referance to your “necessity is one thing, “no other option” is by far a much stronger driving force.” remark… I leave you with this Quote :

    “Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife”
    — Jonathan Schattke

  29. PlumPetals said

    Interesting article! Though I’ve heard of Lakshmi Mittal before I’ve only just started really reading about him … and that’s so easy with his name being practically everywhere I look.
    Quite a story! :)

  30. Marzouq said

    DiiGMaa we should take all that we have and bet on the world cup in Las Vegas.. and then split the winnings! That will put us a hand up on the competition.. then we start the billion dollar business! Thats a solution! hehehehe!

    I could very much relate to lounging around! I’ve been running on really low battery the past couple of days! So it has been a bit hectic as well.. need sleeb.. but i dont want to waste my free time sleeping! I soooo want to go to work late!! hehehehe! dont think that will happen though! hehehe!

    so much to do so little time!

  31. Anonymous said

    you sure you predicted it not the colleague ? Hmmm i think he predicted it and you copied it. ROFLMAO

  32. Anonymous said

    you sure you predicted it not the colleague ? Hmmm i think he predicted it and you copied it. ROFLMAO

  33. Dr.Lost said

    babe .. its time for a new post..

  34. DiiGMaa said

    Welcome to my blog.. and it sure is interesting.

    Forget betting and Vegas.. Ltes just go to the World cup :P I’m gonna spend this weekend lazing around sofas again :P

    Yes I’m sure :)I can predict a lot more too ;P sometimes even the weather !! *I HAVE POWERS* NeYaHaHaHaHaaaa
    So glad that I draw ur attention more than Mittal.. and so very very glad I made u laugh :)

    Dr. Lost:
    Work in Progress darling ;*******

  35. skunk said

    yeah many people saw it coming.

    i was lucky enough to be exposed to both hammours and the minnows on the kse floor to know something was wrong by mid october.

    and regardless of the size of trader all the experienced people were sounding like the skeptics on wall street in 98-99.

    lol and everyone else was calling us old an out of step! ( despite me being 29 only :|, altho i do invest like an old man :P )

    but yeah alot of people got out, and i stopped buying in mid october, until the crash calmed down a bit.

    now if only someone can tell the damn KIA to stay out and let the market do its thing >:( , so i can go bargain hunting :P

    ps: how pissed off would you be if you were buffetts kids :P hehehe even tho he has always said he would donate everything when he dies :P

  36. Marzouq said

    This week has been the week from hell for me! and on top of that youm el intikhabaat is going to crazy!

    Im going to get killed on thursday and i know it! hehehehe!

    Enjoy your lounging on weekend!

    Thursday night 3ugub kil el loya im going to the shalaih to relax and sleeeebbbb! hehehehe!

    if the water is nice Im going to jump in!

  37. ZiZoTiMe said

    a New post plz! :)

  38. Marzouq said

    I second Zizo! lol!

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    Glad you liked it, sorry this response is late. sure you may :)

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