illustration by WaiMonday, I woke up on the right side of bed.. No, let me rephrase that… I woke up on the wrong side of bed that morning.. You see I sleep on the left side of bed.. and that morning I woke up on the right side.. That alone was a sign that it was going to be a long and hectic day..

I was out running errands when my darling boss (genuinely I am blessed with the best bosses in the world il7imdilla) msged me to notify me that I was to attend a conference or something of the sort ASAP at the Chamber of Commerce where delegates from the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce were visiting. I realized that I needed to rush home and get into something more presentable as I was dressed as a slob for the day..

I quickly slip into the simplest and easiest thing in sight.. a white summer dress and a strikingly blood red belt… I sped off to the city.. I park and run to the elevators. I wait and wait and wait.. Of course only when you are in a hurry does the world and it’s order decide to take a break.. All of a sudden I see the security guard rush to the elevator and holds open the door for me to enter.. how proper, how very chivalrous.. I enter the elevator to be stunned at the sight of a smashingly stunning stud that smiles welcomingly as I glide in.. it suddenly gets hot… and I’m wondering there is always a good out of being late..

Ok stop right there.. I told you I woke up on the right side of the bed.. so that only meant trouble..

So back to my la la land moment.. I turn to face the door and I realize that I ain’t so lucky.. from the distance I see a tall man approaching the elevator clad in traditional attire and adjusting his Bisht as he walked into the elevator…

So basically the security holding the elevator was for the Minister and the Hot young stud was smiling to the tall Minister behind me.. I am a DiiGMaa after all.. Only in la la Kuwait would there be chivalry (no offense boys I know you are acceptations) and common greetings amongst opposite sexes !! The embarrassment sets in… as I realized I had said thank you to the security and no wonder he didn’t reply.. (Bastard)

It gets hotter.. the elevator is heading to the 15th floor.. I ask the gentlemen to press the button for the 11th floor.. the elevator stops and I exit, only to stop half way through my exit buy their protest of exiting on the 8th floor when I asked for the 11th..

I re-enter the elevator while they continue their chatter and I lower my head to the ground.. the elevator stops again.. and I exit.. Again they screech at me and tell me it’s the 10th floor and not the 11th… I re-enter the elevator leaving my dignity on the 10th floor.. Holding my breath till the 11th floor.. the elevator doors open and I am free again..

It is suddenly quiet.. Silence has taken over the 11th floor.. I look around.. Right, left and all I see is a few men tidying up and collecting rubbish.. I missed it !! All of it !!

Looking as lost as can be, a young man comes my way and tells me they have all shifted to the 15th floor.. I felt better already and waited again for the elevator..

Finally, the doors open and I hear the shuffling and movement of men in their dishdasha’s before I even exit..

I took a deep breath and stepped out.. Late, hot, and nervous I turn right and see no one.. I turn left and all I see is an ocean of dishdasha’s… my my the horror.. I regret my choice of clothes and try to hide the blinding red of my clutch behind me as I pick a focal point in the distance and walk towards it nervously..

I come to a halt and realize all eyes are on me.. I wonder if it’s the oddness of my feminine presence.. Or the colours so striking amongst the purity of the white clad male filled reception hall.. after reaching all the way to the end of the pathway I look to my right and see masses of men seated in a dewaniya type seating arrangement behind a row of press photographers clicking away blinding me with their flash.. I look to my left and there I was.. Standing right next to the Minister while he was handing a plaque or award of some type to a guest from the UAE..

I smiled and walked back to a secluded corner and waited to make my escape as the men where directed to the buffet area…

The horror

The embarrassment

Just another day in the life of DiiGMaa…


New Home

September 13, 2006

Hey all..

I haven’t been posting or commenting much lately because Beta has been giving me a hard time..
I tried to deal with it..
But, no luck..
I waited..
But, one can only take so mucH..

So, I moved..

easy come easy go.. right ?

This is where you’ll find me from now on :

DiiGMaa’s New Home (click here)

Home Sweet Home

September 10, 2006

Hello Darlings…


Art by:  Jon Corish

This is my new home… I need to move all my old stuff in and start to redecorate everything and once I know my way around here and get more cozy we’ll have a House warming post..

Til then, welcome to my new hideaway..