My Sweet Melancholy Mood

October 29, 2006

lady4.jpg Been home alone most of Eid, not only that… but I’ve been sick… not only that but I’ve been confined to the upstairs quarters.. and worse yet, I hardly had the energy to breath hence hardly spoken or seen anyone in days…

So in my very Kathy Bates Misery setting.. I actually had time to catch up on reading, listen to oldies, get over-drugged.. watched lots of shows and thought a lot about life…

Which was a good thing.. I guess.. it was sweet.. and bitter.. it was bitter sweet.. it was … well I don’t know.. I haven’t seen anyone in days… and the freaky part is that I’m actually starting to like that !

Btw don’t you think songs like this – Sade: Kiss of life – make you wanna light some candles and just relax.. (exactly what I’m doing right now)

Oh and some say it rained yesterday.. I’m still waiting for snow.. and gypsy street performers.. and maybe, just maybe, a road trip and when I come back home there’s a thousand daisies (not my fav but daisies is code word for ANY flowers) from someone showing they really really want to be with me (I gotta stop watching Gilmore Girls)..

I need to get fresh air..

I need to get out of my sweet melancholy mood..

And calling or seeing someone soon would be the smart thing to do.. soon.. very soon..


Staying put !

October 21, 2006


girl_11.jpg Sometimes you give up instant satisfaction for the hope of something better in the near future… The D family traveled today… DiiGMaa should be traveling with them… (Talking in 3rd person ? that only proves I’ve been over thinking this way too much)..


Art by: Kung-Sung Chung

I should be on a plane right now, but here I am.. Decided to give up the beauty of all the sun and sand, or the beautiful scenery and waterfalls, or the great shopping, food and nightlife for something better! (Yeah it’s summer all over again.. and I’ll be home alone for a bit.. again).. I had so many options to pick from.. and yet decided to stay in the new, half empty and unfurnished house to make friends with the new walls I still haven’t acquainted myself with yet.. but there is a good reason.. I have plans… much bigger plans.. Hope I can hold up till then…


Maybe I should go… still have time.. but.. but..

For all you Godfather Lovers:

Carlo Gambino (1902 – 1976)
A.K.A:“Defacto Boss of Bosses, The Godfather”

Carlo Gambino From the BBC website, ON THIS DAY:

1976: Funeral of Mafia boss held in NY
“The funeral of Carlo Gambino, the ‘boss of the bosses’ in the Mafia, has taken place in New York. Mr Gambino, considered the most powerful of the leaders of the American Mafia, died in his sleep at his home on Friday . It is thought he suffered a heart attack.

The funeral, which was ticket-only, was held at the Church of Our Lady of Grace in a quiet, residential area of Brooklyn….

…Carlo Gambino, in a $7,000 (£4,400) bronze coffin, was buried next to his wife Catherine who died in 1971. The death of Mr Gambino had long been expected following his recent spate of heart trouble.”
Gambino In Context
“It is widely believed the character of Don Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brando in Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather’ is based on Carlo Gambino.

As well as being the head of the five New York families Carlo Gambino was also on the National Mafia Commission which governed the affairs of the 26 American families. He was considered to be very influential in this role.”

Click here for complete article.

Gambino may have been a bad person but I say Kudos for being an inspirations for a timeless piece of movie magic..

Marlyn B as Don Vito

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”


I wonder if Kuwait ever had a Godfather figure those days.. a pearl diving or merchant Godfather.. or what about today ? do we have a Gotti amongst us ? someone on a smaller scale ? I don’t know one.. hmm have one in mind ?

I just wonder..