Mistletoe Magic

December 26, 2006

mask-emma-jacob-boots.jpg I hope the magic of Christmas brought a smile to all your faces and do go easy on the retail therapy if Boxing Day sales are all you can think of :P

Anyways, all I can think of is how I miss my childhood London Christmas.. and how everything was always magical.. the decorations.. the carol singers and Xmas music everywhere.. the street lights.. the air was full of spirit and the mistletoe.. oooh the mistletoe.. I never got to kiss under the mistletoe.. ever wonder what the story is behind kissing under the mistletoe ? well, legend has it that: click here

Thinking of kissing on big occasions.. I never got a kiss on New Years either.. hmmm i have my fingers crossed for next year I guess.. maybe some lucky bastard will sweep me off my feet and be worthy of my kiss !!

Louis Armstrong sang it best: A Kiss To Build A Dream On

As for this year.. I will be partying with the family.. and yeah my family is fun.. so it should be good.. where ? destination undecided.. we got plane tickets booked for a few cities.. but still no place to stay and no idea what exactly we’re in the mood for.. typical.. we’re such a spontaneous family.. everything last minute .. and during the whole plane ride they will all be bitching about how they never plan.. blaming each other.. and when they get there, and have a blast, they’ll all start taking credit for the planning :P

Well just incase I don’t have time to post again before I travel.. then I hope you all had a Merry Xmas and I wish you all a very very Happy New Year and Eid Mubarak ;***

Me Girlzz I miss ya already ;*

And Boys you be good now !!


Seeming I always come up with my own terms for almost anything and everything.. I tend to expect everyone to understand me without me explaining myself.. Like a few days ago, I was trying to explain what “Baskoot Badoo” is.. But they looked at me all funny.. Now, considering I should probably know more about my nomadic roots than others.. seeming my family made sure we understood our heritage as they constantly worried that raising us abroad would make us lose our Arab sense.. Yet, I had to ask my brother and he told me the proper term was igi6 or yigi6.. he wasn’t sure himself.. so yeah that made me realize I should note some of these down just to clarify things to my readers and all..

Ok, but you weren’t expecting me to list them all down now, were you ?

Oh no no no.. They’ll come randomly with the posts..

But I’ll leave you with a word of the Day:


One that deserts family or friends after building a strong bond, merely shattering hopes, and breaking promises by deciding one day to walk away without the consent or opinion of others in the situation . (From The D Dictionary)



That was a long P.S. :p



Back From Hell !!

December 21, 2006

neryl-walker.jpg I’ve been Back form Hell a few days now but was dealing with work, family, friends and many disappointments so didn’t have the chance to post earlier.. As you can tell from the title.. I didn’t exactly have an enjoyable trip.. but business is business and there is no place for slacking or complaining.

No place for slacking or complaining ?

hmmm can you hear yourself DiiGMaa ??

I wish you’d treat all your life issues with that attitude DiiGMaa..

Why is it that some people can be so mature and composed at professional life, yet when put in personal situations the guard is let down and the sensitivity radar is busted from over detection..

I know why..

coz kids aren’t allowed at the work place and that means our inner child has to be left home from 9-5 everyday..

Well anyways, I’m back from Hell.. And in a nutshell, not including all the gruesome details, until the last minute at the airport I hated the place.. I have always been the optimistic type, and I was the first day I was there.. after day one everything went down hill.. I decided to stay in my hotel room (5 stars my @$$.. motel by my standards) after my work was done every night til it was time to go to the airport so to avoid any unavoidable trouble.. but lo and behold trouble was waiting for me at the airport the day I was due to travel to my second destination.. (typical DiiGMaa and her Murphyism)

Now I’ve seen quite a bit when traveling.. I mean I’ve been Deported, missed flights, called on the speakers, last one to board, refused to board due to expired passport and so much more…

but never have I ever been threatened and shouted at in such a way !!

“You will not travel”

“You will not board this or any flight”

“and you will be stuck in this airport”

(all that went through my mind was: I’m gonna be the next living Tom Hanks “The Terminal” character)

all for a measly bribe and a few dollars !!

I paid gladly.. and was willing to sell my soul to the devil as long as my body was outta that damn country.. I mean Hell !!

Don’t worry.. when I reached my destination, a family friend asked me how my flight was.. and when I told him the issue he told me he had a meeting with the CEO of that airline the day before and will be meeting again the next day.. he made sure to take details and officially make a complaint..

Justice served !

So how have all of you been ??

Missed you all ;*


Would you ?

December 9, 2006

Tomorrow I’ll be heading off on a business trip for a few days..

And when I’m done with work I’ll be traveling to visit my bro for the weekend..

So see you all next week..

Now considering I made sure to watch season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy before I left.. this is my low-down..

    1. There are those that are cold and insensitive..
    2. Those that just care too much..
    3. and Those who are plain stupid..

      But either way, in real life, you will have days when you are cold, and maybe a little insensitive, days where you will care too much for your own good.. and days were you’re better off letting ppl think for you.. where was I heading with this ??..

      Oh yes.. No matter what day you’re having.. do try to fix it.. in a humane way.. coz Karma is out to get you, George O’Malley said it best:

      Karma. One way or another it will leave us to face ourselves. We can look our karma in the eye or we can wait for it to sneak up from behind. But karma will always find us. The truth is, as surgeons, we have more chances than most to set the balance in our favor. Yet no matter how hard we try we can’t escape our karma. It follows us home. I guess we can’t really complain about our karma. It’s not an affair. It’s not unexpected. It just… evens the score. And even when we’re about to do something that we know will tempt karma to bite us in the ass… well, it goes without saying. We do it anyway.”


      oh yeah and estrogen is BAD BAD BAD !!

      I love this song and thought it was a good way to end the season..

      Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars: Grey’s Anatomy

      (note: Every single word in this song makes my heart ache more and more.. I so relate.. I’m such a girl.. uuukhh estrogen is BAD !! I’m extremely emotional today and handling my heartbreak a little too well.. and no, I didn’t breakup with anyone.. I just feel empty.. K, enough with the mushy talk)



      LOVE, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder. This disease, like _caries_ and many other ailments, is prevalent only among civilized races living under artificial conditions; barbarous nations breathing pure air and eating simple food enjoy immunity from its ravages. It is sometimes fatal, but more frequently to the physician than to the patient.

      From – The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce