girls-rule.jpg My brother emailed me this article (posted below) and I found the food part funny..

Something worth a look at.. and actually think about..

Now I’ll leave you to read it while I go back to my guitar…

Yes Guitar.. and yeah it’s probably another phase ! I’m sick… again… in bed… again… and I’m bored of TV and this screen.. a little music is entertaining.. I found it hard to place the piano on my lap as I’m too tired to sit up straight.. so I’m playing the guitar.. lets see how long this will last :P

Hypocrisy and the men of Kuwait

By Fouad Al-Obaid

“In a series of discussions with my peers (all Kuwaiti, all studying abroad), I was amazed to hear the various stories each one of them had to tell. Before sharing with you the stories, I would like to quickly refresh the reader about a concept I that I touched upon concerning my fellow peers about their notion of women. Kuwaiti guys – young adults as much as grown ups – all seem in search of two things: money and women. Always desiring more, maybe this comes from the idea that the grass is fine here but may be better over there. In contemporary Kuwait, dating remains unacceptable. Some may tolerate it, but few practice it completely openly. The dilemma is this: Guys want girls, just as much as girls want guys.

Whether society approves or not, people date. When the majority of the people in a society indulge in something, is it still plausible to consider it wrong or un-acceptable? Although open access to the opposite sex still remains difficult to find (less so than I originally thought) it usually starts with a casual Bluetooth flirt, followed by late night chats and then secret meetings here and there. To the average reader nothing seems to be too problematic. But dig deeper. If it is somewhat accepted that guys would want to develop relations with girls, this could not be said of girls wanting to have boyfriends, although logically without the latter, guys wouldn’t be able to have girlfriends.

What remains intriguing is this: Guys often take pride in the number of girls they are dating at the same time. They often like to brag about his exploits to his friends. Yet if you asked such a person if he would accept that his sister dated, if for instance she was dating this other guy-how would he feel? The answer is rather simple. At best he would try to find the guy that dated his sister and beat the hell out of him. Yet when you tell him that he risks exactly that, his response is: I never forced the girl and she simply wasn’t “raised” properly! What I want to point out is the notion that people are either lying to themselves or are simply foolish in believing that if every person seems to be having multiple “girlfriends” that ultimately, none would happen to be either sisters, cousins, aunts, or mothers!

Another friend brought up this notion. I asked him if he was ready to settle. Having reached the age of 28, it would be around time to get married, perhaps have children. The person in question was not against the idea. He realised that time was ticking and that he should start to look to settling down. Still didn’t seem ready. He loves the fact of being free (i.e. not in a permanent relationship).

Furthermore living abroad he enjoyed the idea of being able to be with many different girls. In fact he came up with this notion that university is nothing more than a restaurant. He then jokingly asked me, do you usually bring food with you when you go to a restaurant? One is to understand that food being girls, and the food he was mentioning is a wife!

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I’m still a RockStar !!

and boys.. this post isn’t directed to you.. or maybe it is.. who cares.. I’m a RockStar !!


I’m a Rock Star !

January 17, 2007

custo1.JPG My friend “Z” is due to have a baby at the end of the month. Everyday we talk and recollect how 9 months have gone by so quick and most of her agony and struggle is almost over. Soon she will be a mother, and things will change for real. After I closed the phone yesterday I started thinking how much I love this girl and how I know she’ll be the best mother ever. But mostly how, and I quote her, she’s a “baby having a baby”. She’s responsible and mature and has been around kids for years and knows what she’s doing. Yet I can’t help think that once she has this baby she’ll no longer just be my smashing gal pal.. she’ll be a sexy mama !! That’s not my point though.. my point is.. since she got married I have never thought of her as a Mrs.. I don’t know why or how I managed to believe the entire past year that she has a live in boyfriend and they’re having a baby together with the blessings of their folks :P It took me a while I guess for it to sink in :P


I love you “Z” and I wish you the best you tiny weeeeeeeny person with a huuuuuuuuge personality !! I’ll always be here for you and the baby ;*

Now getting to the real point of this bloody post. When “Z” got pregnant I went through a phase.

  • I started having cravings
  • I was overly sensitive
  • I was always peeing :P
  • Many of my purchases were maternity clothes (yes for me to wear).
  • and of course I gained weight :P

This went on for months and I remember thinking a few months ago:

“If there’s no baby coming out of me then why the hell am I going through this?”

Ok I exaggerate a little.. just a little.. But I did feel pregnant and I do go through plenty of phases.

So currently I’m a Rock star!


Yes… I am a Rock Star..

  • It’s all that grunge I’ve been listening to for years.
  • All the piercings I’ve gotten along the way.
  • All the biker leather jackets.
  • Ripped jeans.
  • Studded and graphic Tee’s.
  • Red Goth nail polish.
  • The Jewelry, chains, buckled belts, spiked chokers (not) and all the accessories.
  • Mostly, my infamous black dark, deep and mysterious eyeliner.
  • (ok I know that doesn’t cut it as a Rock Star but I’ve been making noise on my brothers Guitar and also failed immensely at an attempt to play a friends drums)
  • and my latest infatuation for Chris Cornell



Now the funny thing is.. “N” used to always nag about Audioslave and Chris Cornell for years. And even though I’d get him T-shirts and stuff of his all time favorite band, I never actually sat down and heard a single song; till the end of 2006 when he was kind enough to burn me a few CD’s and since then I realized what he was talking about. And no it wasn’t the James Bond song that drew me in… it was “Like a Stone” by Audioslave.


Watch this amazing live version of “Like a Stone”:




For those that want to see the actual video of “Like a Stone” – click here.

“N”, though you’ll probably never come across this blog and never know about this post.. You are my only constant in the past decade and you’ve always been there to toughen me up and tell me to stop sulking and straighten up. And you manage to do it in the most amazingly caring way. Even though you literally say “shut up and straighten up” :P..

I can’t live without you ;*





Happy D

January 13, 2007

chic.jpg Tagged by Missy – Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. My Nieces
  2. My Golden heels (I always feel magical in them)
  3. Random sms, phone call or email from someone that I haven’t heard from in a while, actually from anyone at anytime ;P
  4. Going for a ride, especially if I have company, and even more so if I’m driving in the rain with good music in the background
  5. Cozying up by a fire on the beach at chalet
  6. Movie nights with my bros
  7. Spontaneous trips/traveling
  8. Going to bookstores with Dadiyo
  9. Mum’s amazing cooking, my sister’s strength, my bro’s brotherliness (is that a word?)
  10. Knowing that the ppl I love are happy
  11. Spending time with my family and friends
  12. All the small things that make a difference

(And lately the Cuppy Cake Song makes me so very very happy)