Happy D

January 13, 2007

chic.jpg Tagged by Missy – Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. My Nieces
  2. My Golden heels (I always feel magical in them)
  3. Random sms, phone call or email from someone that I haven’t heard from in a while, actually from anyone at anytime ;P
  4. Going for a ride, especially if I have company, and even more so if I’m driving in the rain with good music in the background
  5. Cozying up by a fire on the beach at chalet
  6. Movie nights with my bros
  7. Spontaneous trips/traveling
  8. Going to bookstores with Dadiyo
  9. Mum’s amazing cooking, my sister’s strength, my bro’s brotherliness (is that a word?)
  10. Knowing that the ppl I love are happy
  11. Spending time with my family and friends
  12. All the small things that make a difference

(And lately the Cuppy Cake Song makes me so very very happy)



25 Responses to “Happy D”

  1. MSB said

    mmm cupcakes sounds good right about now! ;) nice list… :*

    Ohhhh ooohh remind me to get you the best mini cupcakes ever the next time you’re in kuwait darling ;*

  2. do0da said

    aku a7ad didnt get tagged by this :p ?

    Mashift your list.. so yella you’re tagged :P

  3. Yazeed said

    mmmm mums cooking mmmmmm
    i am so hungry i can smell it, really

    and the song is so cute!

    Machbooos Deyaaay 3ala o9oola ilyoam :P
    Yella sing along: You’re my honey bunch.. sugar plum.. pumpy umpy umpkin .. kamil kamil :P

  4. Elijah said

    Hope you’re always happy hun.

    Thnx darling ;*

  5. Missy said

    u have a cute list diigmaa :D

    Thanks sunshine :)

  6. bubbblles said

    going for a ride especially if u have the “right” company :p

    especially you heheh… nice display pic :P

  7. EniGma said

    niccce. mashallah your family sounds so wonderful (from this and previous posts) and close.

    So sweet of you to say darling.. and yeah they have their embarrassing and odd issues but they’re great other than that.. (I love them to bits)

  8. CeCe said

    I’m DiiGging DiiGMaa!

    hehe so sweet Cece ;*

  9. Lily said

    this a oooowwwwyy gooooey list..Bas cause its u sugar its acceptable..

    P.s I make killer ice cream/brownie/fudge/doublechoclate/cupcakes;)

    I’m a tub of mush so yeah it’s ooowwwwy goooey :P but thanks for accepting my mushiness and I wanna try your amazing cupcakes.. they sound Yummmmmmy !

  10. dandoon said

    All the small things that make a difference
    i don’t think anything makes me happier than those small things!

    inshallah dowm happy:*

    Ditto sunshine.. and inshala you’re always happy too ;**

  11. Maze said

    cooking is common between us….:)

    Yummy right ? :P

  12. Marzouq said

    Thats fantastic that your happy o kilyoum inshalla mertaa7a o mistaansa!

    alah ekhaleelich lahalich o alah ekhaleehum lich!

    Smile everyday! :)

    This comment alone made me smile from ear to ear.. you’re soooooo sweet darling ;)
    allah esalmik o ekhaleelik ahalik inshala o ajma3een hope you’re always happy and posting such happy comments :P

  13. Twix said

    i think momz cooking bets them all…

    Sure does !

  14. girlmeets world said

    awww that’s sweet :)
    n about ur golden heels… I know exactly how u feel.

    Magical magical ;*

  15. no3ik said

    wow ur list made me feel all mushy and cuddly!
    7bebty entay

    the ride thing reminded me of our ride!!
    the rain and the music .. it was truely amazing! didnt feel like we were in kuwait.

    aaawwww i wanna do it again :(

    Intay 7abebty ;*
    and you know how mushy I am.. I actually took it down a notch :P
    as for the ride.. it was so very amazing.. and whenever you want I’m always in for a ride ;* 3yooony lich ;*

  16. Swair said

    Oh my, we have ALOT in common.. i just don’t have nieces lol
    i’d say my brothers make me happy even though they drive me crazy sometimes lol

    Welcome to my virtual kingdom darling :)
    hehehe you’ll love your nieces when the time comes.. and they’ll drive you even crazier :P

  17. G said

    hahahha you’re list sounds more or like mine!

    alla ee5alee you’re nieces to your family, gosh I can’t spend a day without seeing them those tiny angels :)

    cute post D ;)

    Welcome to my special place..
    Those tiny angels brighten up my day whenever I see them !
    and thanks.. glad you liked it G ;)

  18. do0da said

    LOL my list is lurkin in baskins blog :r i dont do tags but if you want i’ll paste it here for you it aint much but its something :P

    It’s got lotsa football in it darling.. so to me it’s more than something.. and my place is your place.. do what you like here.. mi casa su casa :P

  19. coquette said

    The cup cake song is sooooo cute!! hehe
    and my nephew always makes me SUPER happy!! :)
    cute list :P

    Isn’t it the cutest hehe and allah ekhaleelich your nephew inshalah :)

  20. BLaSha said

    ya5tiiiiii, I love yer blog template, so cute

    Welcome to my virtual home :)
    Thanx and glad you like.. but you’re new here.. I have to worn you that my template changes with every post ;)

  21. BLaSha said

    LOOOOOOOOOL, sounds like some1 i know :D
    I tend to keep changing my template until someone stops me :P

    atleast you can be stopped :P
    I change it with EVERY SINGLE POST !!
    (I know I have issues :P)

  22. yazeed said

    very family oriented..

    Yazeed #2:
    I guess so :)

  23. Mia said

    Nice list! That cuppy cake song is just too much. I have it set as a ring tone whenever for whenever my best friend calls me. It never fails to make me smile.

    Thnx drling… you know my sister sent me the ringtone a few months back and like yourself I have set it as her personal ringtone for whenever she calls.. but I always let it play coz I love the song and she gets ticked coz I let it ring and don’t pick up when she calls :P

  24. Mia said

    PS: My laptop is fixed! Please e-mail me all that info was lost!

    Will do sunshine ;*

  25. Pooj said

    My brother raving the car like a maniac + Chai khaleb (reminds me of you) + Great music + ZALS = ME HAPPY :) :) :)

    Ahh .. The simple and yet happy pleasures of my own life :)

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