Aaaaand we’re back to reality…

You know what’s funny ?

It’s funny that I heard of all the madness and foam fest celebration for the National/Liberation Day holiday but I didn’t see any of it !

I mean someone tried to spay my car last week.. Yeah they started that early.. But I managed to tick the kid off by squirting water and starting my wipers getting him before he got me.. it was something to giggle about but that’s all I was willing to handle.. I managed to avoid the hectic crowd and insanity through the entire holiday.. so much that every time DaDiYo called to check up on me I would tell him its a Ghost town out there.. half the family where at chalet and the other half at Wafra.. I refused to go to either and decided to enjoy the home alone time..

So is this weekend gonna be as hectic as the last ? or is it safe to walk out ? :P


After 2 days of work.. I’m glad we’re back to the weekend.

I’ve finally uploaded my old posts from blogger to this wordpress heaven… which should make up for the past month that I have neglected my lovely online getaway..

So this is my single post for February.. I didn’t want my archives to have a missing month :P

o Bssssh..

I have more to say.. But not right now.. I’m off to bed..

Come to 6K if you wanna hear more :)