A Gift

March 25, 2007

The Shade Of The Wind - David Graux

I received a gift yesterday..

By far one of the most surprising..

Random.. thoughtful gifts ever..

it was somewhat sentimental.. I don’t know how to describe it.. but it made me happy..

I never knew something intangible could be soooooooooo meaningful.. I always thought that sentimental gifts were worth the most… but this..

This I could not touch..

And had no actual physical control over..

But I owned it..

It is mine..

All mine..

(My precious :P)


Isn’t it cute ?

I’m happy..

So very very happy :)

Special P.S.

Thank You ;* * *



March 21, 2007

Gizoogle snapshot A while back someone told me that they were bored and decided to have some laughs by reading the news, current events and Hollywood gossip through Gizoogle (an online site that translates any URL content into fo’shizzle Gangsta talk). I headed home that day and checked this site out.. the first thing I did was type in my web address.. and Ohhh MYYY Gooood did I laugh.. so every now and then I Gizoogle my latest post ;P

I hizzy you have a bootylicious day ;)

F it !

March 19, 2007

Bovvered   Friend or Fo.. Forgive or Forget.. Fa fa fa – fa – fa – fa faaaaaaaa !

Blaaaaaah !

There are those that forget my birthday, Eid, and certain occasions every year for the past 10 years… but always call and make an effort about other things…

Even if I know they forget silly occasions along the years I learnt to accept that friends aren’t about popping up on occasions..

But they’ll always be there for me in hard times, love me unconditionally, take my crap when I throw it in their face and accept me for who I am.. appreciating that I cut them some slack too.


There are those.. that are master minds in the art of selfishness.. it’s always about them.

“why didn’t you call ME?”

“why don’t you care about ME!”

“are you gonna talk over ME?”

“why do you treat ME this and that way”

My life does not rotate around yours, so it’s not all about you and frankly you need to start seeing it that way.

Now, a friend was telling me the other day that “we’ve all lived a fair share of unexpected and unwanted drama in our lives.. but why should we accept it if someone else is adding more of that unwanted drama into our lives.”

So, while you’re off being a workaholic, busy working your butt off, making time to socialize with new ppl, and attending family events.. put everything in pause for a minute and then take a step back and look at the big picture.

All your other friends aren’t making a big deal.. they’re not possessive.. they’re not rude coz you have a busy lifestyle and they support you through all your endeavours.

So when you get a few loaded statements on the phone or via sms from someone that has wronged you stating:

“ishda3wa no hi, or how are you for so long”

then you should think: “speak for yourself.. you’ve had my number all this time too and you never asked about me either”. Instead, a simple “hi I miss you” woulda gotten a phone call from me.. but if you’re giving me attitude from the start then sorry I’m not taking it anymore.

Better yet, if I’m the one that always calls, smses and makes an effort to stay in-touch but I get loaded statements like “you make time for others, you’re always saying you’re busy but you’re out with so and so” then try make an effort yourself rather than sulking, call me for a change, say lets do something, and we’ll work on it from there.

However, when you shut the phone, rudely, while I am talking in utter respect to you.. then No.. don’t bother calling me ever again.. (unless you wanna apologize.. coz I do have a tub of mush for a heart and I forgive easily)

What’s worse is that I actually care.. so much.. so much that it bothers me.. wanted to call back many times, or say hello when I see you.. and the negative energy is suffocating me.. like I have bad Karma all around me.. I forgive you all for you’re simply human errs.. but I won’t tolerate anymore rudeness or negativity.. think positive.. be happy.. and smile :)

(talk about venting ha?)

anyways no one said it better than Lauren from the Catherine Tate Show: