Lilies Designs

May 26, 2007

Lilies Logo This is a quick note for all you ladies who are in a shopping mood and in need of the latest summer trends.

Lilies collection of gorgeous summer dresses, tops and jewelry, a sellection by 2 creative young Kuwaiti designers.

Venu: Bait Badra

Time :

Tuesday May 29th
10 am – 1 pm
5 pm – 10 pm

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*D, Congrats and Good Job :**


Office of Eden

May 23, 2007

gb1029.jpg I’m typing this quick post while being mesmerized with the sent of fresh greens and the hint of dazzling lily perfume around me. A few leaves and petals from the huge beautiful pink and white lily bouquet are blocking my view of this window while I continue to type with a calm and content smile on my face.

I was so upset earlier, literally in tears only a few minutes ago. Until I walked back to my office, and there it was… out of no where… I was completely surprised !

I walked into my office, and was utterly startled with the magnificent display of flowers overtaking my desk.

What a treat !

What a wonderful and thoughtful gesture from a kind and generous friend that made an effort to make my day; Even though I didn’t mention how upset I was.

I’m all smiles.

Lilies make me happy.

I am happy.

The Randomness

May 15, 2007


  • Family obligations
  • Lotsa hospital visits
  • Sis got into a major car accident, she’s ok now
  • 5 of the D family members where on hospital beds at the same time the past week
  • Again I got into another car accident myself yesterday and just like my last and only one.. I was BLOODY parked at the traffic light
  • I bumped into 4 ppl that I hadn’t seen in over a minimum of 10 years the past week or so
  • I quit my job 2 weeks ago but I still go to work.. kinda.. boss seriously thinks I’m kidding and taking a vacation and coming back later
  • I always loved french and hated the way it sounded when I weakly spoke it with a horrid British twang, but lately I have been indulging in the sound of it and all I have to say is french: la langue de l’amour *sigh*
  • Bro was teaching me how to pick a lock last night
  • everyone in life has a certain pattern they follow.. it’s repetitive.. we think we redo the same things.. but when you sit back and look at the big picture.. it’s just the way we are.. and that will never change coz we seek our comfort zone.. and that’s where we’ve been before and know we are safe.
  • I should never go to the hairdressers when I’m in a blaaah mood for a quick fix.. I usually give my stylist complete freedom over my hair and look.. but what if one day they mess up.. big time..
  • Everything is a choice in life except for death and even that is an option lately.. but the thing is you never know you’re making the wrong choice until one day you wake up and you think “oh sh*t what have I done”
  • I think I’m at war with my nails
  • When I leave work and go through the shops to the parking lot.. there’s a complete silence.. and the echo of my heals tapping away on the floor is so rhythmic and loud that one of the shop owners always nods his head to the tapping as if he were listening to a song on the radio, while he cleans the glass display counters, every single time !

Enough for now..

Mama D’s random advice of the day:

“go to the bathroom before you sleep”

DaDiYo’s advice of the day:

“don’t talk to strangers when you go out”

(seriously they really do say that to me at this age hehhe)