Off Again !

August 6, 2007

trip2.gif Here we go again..

Off on a jet-plane blah blah blah.. you know the drill.. I’ll be back in a few weeks..

As usual I gotta start packing.. or maybe I’ll wait a few more hours and do it just before my flight in a bit.. yep.. that’s most likely whats gonna happen..

You know what I hate about packing ? is worrying about weight and space.. why can’t I just ship everything and then just be indecisive there.. that way even if I don’t wear or use most my stuff.. at least it’s around me and I can build that huge pile of clothes on my bed and floor everytime I wanna go out.. OK I don’t really do that.. well sometimes :P

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to travel with Trunks.. yes, trunks.. but a trunk on it’s own is heavy let alone trunksssss and all my stuff in it.. then again it would be a hassle seeming you can’t pull a trunk on wheels..

Still I wanna travel with trunks one day..

Well that one day is not today.. but today I’m flying off to Europe and will miss you all plenty..

now be good my lovelies..

Back soon :)