Siam here I come !

October 24, 2007

buddha-phan-thailand-print-c10100152.jpeg    I’m off to rub Buddha’s tummy for luck ;)

I’ll be back in 2 weeks my lovelies..

Will miss you all..

(Lately, it seems I only post when I travel and when I return from my travels the past few months.. huft.. I’ll be a good girl when I get back inshala)


arno-1.jpg I just received a fab email from a friend asking my opinion on this post that she stumbled across on CraigsList. Now, be sure to scroll down and read the initial post dated Oct 4.

Basically it’s a young woman ranting about how she wants to marry a wealthy man and wants to know the does and don’ts of how to do so (if there was such a guide line I think she woulda had a better chance asking ppl from this area of the world rather than NYC :P). She goes on to even state how much she wants to meet someone that makes a minimum of half a mill annually !(seriously ? is that the common criteria now for “what I’d like in a suitable life partner ?” what happened to “knight in shining Armor ?”) Oh, and she continues to state that half a million is being fair as that’s what’s regarded to be middle class in NY standards (rather than making her own money and having a life and a sense of responsibility). She doesn’t stop there.. no no.. she goes on to rave about her indescribable beauty and how “Plain Jane’s” have better luck than her in this arena, oh lets just call it shopping shall we !!
Wait ! wait ! The best part is the responses she got from suitable, rich, young and single men. But you have to read them on your own to get the laughs ;)

Now, although this has improved majorly during the past few decades.. yet this is a typical case of what we have here in our dear home country.. and at times I feel sad for these ladies as one of the guys in the responses put it.. the “gene pool” is all messed up coz you got “gold digging mummies”.. teaching their “gold digging daughters” the tricks of the trade. And even men are guilty here of looking for a marriage of convenience! After all, it does take too to tango.

Hey everyone is looking for someone, right ? Even though they may deny it completely.. we all don’t want to end up grumpy, old and lonely one day. I understand when girls out there (and even you boys do this !) are out and about trying to find Mr/s right.. but when it’s solely for superficial materialistic reasons.. then what happened to compatibility and life long connection ? What happened to Love ? Huft !! I know, I know, I can’t help being a romantic :)

Beauty.. in the eyes of the beholder ?

hmmm or in the hands of your best nip and tuck surgeon ?

Either way.. Beauty fades, yes.. Moneys can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you everything else.. including some brains.. a little intellect and sanity too.. so invest in yourself mentally, spiritually and do stay pretty.. it always helps to be easy on the eyes !


Have a Shirley Temple and enjoy the sweet cherries.. May your lives be as sweet as a cherry.. Don’t forget.. if you can make a knot with the cherry stem by only using your tongue. Then you’re a…