Jinx me

February 23, 2008


Remember when I said it seems I only post when I travel and when I get back ?

Well I shoulda just swallowed my words and stayed quiet.

I’m off again, and yes that’s why I’m posting coz I refuse to travel without an update and this is a way overdue update !!

Nevertheless, it something.

I got a new job :)

What were you expecting me to keep travelling the world forever ?

I gotta make some money you know. and the only thing that would stop me from my travelling mania is if I got a job to ground meĀ !

I’m officially grounded. I swear if there was no order in this world I would have definitely contributed to it’s destruction!

I love my job, I love my team, I love life !

That’s about it..

Yep, since I’ve been back all I’ve been doing is working and then heading home to family and my bed.

So this is another spontaneous trip to Dubai.

I hear everyone is there now and it’s mega packed, I couldn’t care less to be honest.

As long as I’m with my family, friendsĀ and the kids… and ofcourse Mellia.. then I’m happy.

I’m happy..

Are you happy ?


image taken above by myself, june 2007.

No photoshopping, just focal black&white. The tower was actually lit red.)