Just another TRIP, TIP & CLIP !

March 25, 2008



Seriously ?
Yeah not kidding !
Actually I’m not off on another trip I just got back from another trip :P
I didn’t have the face to post before traveling.. as well as time issues !

I went to Qatar, for a wedding.. had a blast.. stayed at the Four Seasons.. and came back with the flu !
I’m typing this while tucked under a cozy blanky at my sisters house.. didn’t feel like staying home alone seeming my folks are outta town.. I hate this sick feeling ! I can’t smell, taste, and my nose is so red and sore !

Anyways, I am officially jinxed !
Remember when I was an active poster ? well now I’m lucky if I get something down once every month or two ! Huft !

I’m a busy gal ok ! but I miss this place.. I really really do…



Being the patient person that I am, the only thing I can’t tolerate is rudeness.. lately I realised I have a very limited tolerance for STUPID ppl too.. I used to pity them before for their ignorance.. but lately I really don’t have the time for it.. silly buggers !

I can’t handle cold hearted, emotionless ppl who take forever to express themselves even though they don’t mean to come across in such a manner but they end up doing so as a habit and when they do finally make an effort they expect some gratitude for it.. I say go shove a sock in it for Pete’s sake either do it with a good will or bloody well keep it to yourself !

How many chances do you give a person to prove themselves ? 1 ? 2 ? a week of patience ? 2 ? a month ?

I say twice, 3 times is enough.. otherwise why waste time waiting for something worthy when it’s just not in them !



Being sick and in bed all day.. the best way to kill time is obviously watch an Indian flick..

enjoy this clip from Jodhaa Akbar:

Funny.. only a few days ago I was wearing a Sari for a Henna Night prior to the wedding I attended.. and I was thinking to myself I haven’t seen an Indian movie in ages.. strange how things fall into place without planning right ?

Whatever !!! I know the clip is mushy and all lovey dovey… just deal with it ok.. my estrogen levels are high !!!

(Pooj… I miss you)


14 Responses to “Just another TRIP, TIP & CLIP !”

  1. Marzouq said

    I know your around, but your probably traveling or doing something! Inshalla your enjoying whatever you are doing! :)

  2. Pooj said

    OMG I miss you MORE!

    Trips: Haha … I hear you on the travelling. I am waiting for you to give me an excuse to come back and see you soon. *Ahem* Please make it soon so that I can con my own Daddy-o! :P So any outcome from this Qatar wedding?? (I swear weddings should follow traffic light color coding – red if you are married, yellow if you are confused and have multiple personality disorder, green for I am single and love to mingle) *Grins*

    Tip: Out of every 10 people you meet 9 are IDIOTS. Seriously. If you give people a chance you are kind .. If you give them a second chance and their the same – we are the idiots. (Maybe we invent the idio-tradar so we can save time and suss them out before hand? Think we can become famous?)

    Clip: I saw this movie in the theater and the cinematography was STUNNING. Their on screen chemistry was WOW. Perfect movies for staying in bed :*

    Mil Besos

  3. Kaos said

    honestly am just happy to c u back in action was thinking about what happened to our fav rock star :)

    Omg, am glad am not the only one, I have low tolerance for stupidity too, but I do give people fair chances though. They still irritate me especially if they were stupid and they don’t know it.

    Its not easy for some people to express their feelings though and it does become a habit of masking true feelings. There are usually reasons for that, its prbably environmental.

    Get well soon and oh are a a member of the 6k club or just a fan? I am a member of toastmasters now I heard someone talk about the 6k club in one of the meetings.

    Keep in touch

  4. intlxpatr said

    I’m just happy to see you whenever you post, DiiGMaa. I thought we were going to hear more, see more photos of the African safari?

  5. joud said

    so maybe u jinxed yourself ? u really wanted to watch an indian flick (the power of the secret), so irony played a trick on u and put u in bed to watch one

    salamat :*

  6. EniGma said

    mabi i won’t comment, post more

  7. ms. baker said

    Oh, how I have missed you :* Waleht 3laych sij ya Diigma… I saw someone today who I could have sworn was you from behind, and I wanted to run up and give her a big ol’ bear hug.

    I know you were totally gorgeous in your sari, as you always are. Qatari weddings are so amazing and so much fun… The henna parties are the best! I still remember my first when one of my cousins got married when I was a kid… the dazzling and spellbinding fairytale princess bride (I was 8 LOL). Qatari’s are such a special breed of Khaleeji and I love them, pardon my prejudice a7em a7em ;)

    Loved the clip, showed it to my sis who knew immediately what movie it was from (another Bollywood fanatic). Maat shofeen shar sweetie, be as estrogenized as you want and join me in the land of Estrogenia (where I reside most of the time these days it seems…)

  8. do0da said

    i cant stand stupid ppl =| ma3ana i have quite a few friends who fall in this category :p i make fun of them so much im surprised we still are friends :P

  9. Amu said

    I was scrolling my favorities and saw ur blog ..its been a while I visited here..glad to see you are back and had a great trip!!

  10. Kubbar said

    hmmm kanat habba bel 2000 leeh 2002 chnna o a5ar wa7ed shifta chenna kan esmah hmmm davdav shai chthy ;p

  11. The Don. said

    a8dam. looool

    wish you are well.. :))

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