Hello, can anyone hear me ?

September 20, 2008

Testing.. testing..

1, 2, 3.

wow it’s been a while.


11 Responses to “Hello, can anyone hear me ?”

  1. chika said

    Texas we hear you!

    Chika: Thank you, over :P

  2. Marzouq said

    U have been under the radar for some time now! lol

    MZzee: don’t rub it in :P

  3. shopa said

    ottchooooo…eghbar eghbaar…

    how have you been? wait…are you travelling?

    shopa: Loooooooool I guess you figured out my trend :P Yeah it happened all too quick for me to even digest it :P

  4. mjkout said

    el soot mo wathe7

    mjkout: Adreee kilaa min il shareka ilthaltha :P

  5. Breaker! Breaker!
    Your transmission is perfect! I hear you loud and clear!

    The Stallion: Dude I traveled b4 you :P over and out! 84 :P

  6. Amu said

    You are being heard loud and clear…Welcome Back :D

    Amu: Merciiiiii :)

  7. um-mit3ib said

    ee wayed min ziman

    um-mit3ib: I know I know :P

  8. newbride said

    ambeeeeeeeeh mn zmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

    newbride: eee adre.. 7ady faj2a :P

  9. Enigma said


    Enigma: agoolikoom min ilshareka il yedeedaaaa :P

  10. Yazeed said

    just when u thought the ghbar was over!!!

    YaZooZ: ain’t no ghbar where I am i6

  11. joud said

    thats it ? where did u go yalla post smthg !

    joud: London, and just did deary :)

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