My Lovely London

September 29, 2008

A few months back I posted a short and quick post stating that I may have jinxed myself and letely only post when I am about to travel or when I get back due to my busy schedule. Now, to think I couldn’t take it any further, But I did. So apparently, now I have to be outta the country to have time to post :P

Anyone want anything from London ?

ahhh the weather is breathtaking.. been here a few days now.. fasting is a bit tough here.. but it all pays off when I simply step out of the flat and take a stroll and everything takes me back to my childhood memories.. and I feel like a child all over again. As much as I love Kuwait.. But after spending most my life being schooled and raised in London.. I can’t help but feel this was my first home and this is where I’ll always feel at home..

Everytime I come.. I worry about leaving my lovely London and heading back to Kuwait.. Wish I could take it home with me, and the weather :P

I better get up and close the window before my fingers drop off it’s so cold :)


13 Responses to “My Lovely London”

  1. Big Pearls said

    ooooh you sound a lot like me..I love London so much..I’ve been going there since I was a child and consider it a second home:)
    Big Pearls:
    then that makes 2 of us :)

  2. joud said

    there is smthg magical about london

    but i do have a problem with its weather

    enjoy your time there, and i look forward to your next post on your next trip ;)

    Thanks love :)
    and you’re right.. so very right.. London is so very magical !

  3. Purgatory said

    You can get me some books.


    well I’m back :P but off to Dubai, so whats on your list ?

  4. intlxpatr said

    Just a few yards of Liberty of London – something silk, floral, please. And a LoL floral umbrella? And and and and and and . . .. :-)

    heheheh you do not know what I got from Liberty.. put a bloody hole in my pocket :P

  5. shopa said

    don’t take london to kuwait it will be reuined,….how about you take us with you? have fun babe ;*
    aaaaaah so true !!
    merci :**

  6. PaLoMiNo said

    Oh ur back!!!

    waynich ya bnya! it’s been ages!!!

    wala missed u ;**

    Have fun in London ;)

    hehehe I’ve always been around.. just a tad bit busy.. story of my life.. miss you too :)

  7. Marzouq said

    I’m a person who enjoys London as well! Such a beautiful city and even with the cold weather I enjoy walking around!

    Couldn’t of said it better myself.. jolly good :P

  8. delicatelyrealistic said


    mith yaaaw ;*

    hope ur having lots and lots of fun !


    wish you were there :**

  9. Pooj said

    I feel like I was so close to you .. I was in Germany while you were in Londres and I was thinking about going there and I cancelled … Sigh

    I hope you have nothing short of a wonderful holiday with the familia. Send them my loves ..


    aaaahhhhh shaaame !!
    Thanks Jaan… send my love to yours and wish them a Happy Diwali :)

  10. Ms.Baker said

    I miss London too and I miss you :* Glad you are back safe and sound and can’t wait to see you!

    Ah, those small and silly irrelevant things like the Pret a Manger sandwiches bought at the Kensington High St. tube station…. Whole Foods market… Oxford St… the amazing cheese stores with the most delicious smelly organic cheeses… HOTEL CHOCOLAT… lavender in profusion everywhere… John Lewis… very old old old bookstores… the Tate Britain and Modern… Silverlink trains (not Virgin please) from Euston and the long ride back home viewing the beautiful English countryside (therapy in itself)… TWIGLETS!

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaan I wish you came !
    walla I miss you and omg we have to go together.. what do you say ? a few days stop in London before heading to the cape and Bean Town ??

    Miss you miss you miss you miss you !!!!

  11. Eugene said

    looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene


  12. DiiGMaa said

    Wish you were all there sunshines :)

  13. ms. baker said

    Yallah! 9aar! It’s a deal :) We hit London, see a show or two, shop till we drop and hit the restaurants of course, cross the pond over to Beantown for a few days at the Westin or Langham, the museums, the North End, and visiting old college pals, and then it’s down to the Cape for antiquing in Sandwich, quahogging and skiing on the Bay, day trips on the Woods Hole ferry to the Vineyard and Nantucket (where we must visit The Black Dog and Mad Martha’s ice cream after cheering the racing sailboats on at the yacht club )

    Akhhhhhh… LOL

    We are so there :*

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