When ?

November 1, 2008

It seems like I brought some of London’s lovely cool weather back with me.

Isn’t the weather just breathtaking these days ? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I wish it was this lovely all year round, don’t you ?

Well lately I’ve been thinking, when is enough enough? When do you say “that’s it!” and put a stop to something you know needs to end. Like a bad habit, or an inevitable pattern you’ve come to be one with over the years.. When? When it does you no good? What if it really isn’t, but at the back of your head it’s bothering you? I’m rambling? Well yes I know I am… I have reason to… I’m confused. Because, for one that usually makes “right” decisions in life, or should I say what conformity and societal propaganda has taught us to be right, I feel like I am missing a lot on a number of issues concerning my daily life. There are many things I hold back on saying, doing or even taking part in because there is a voice at the back of my head, sounds very much like my mother’s, nagging at me telling me Na’aaaah off limits. When in reality, I think it over and realize yea’aaaaaaaaaah it’s totally right! Till when does one follow rules and regulations set for us at birth due to nationality, I mean blood line and pedigree, when life is passing by at the speed of sound only to leave one still thinking: but I gotta do what I’m taught, I mean told.

Simple things, like smiling to strangers while walking on the street… wait that doesn’t apply here coz no one ever walks on the streets. Hmmm making conversation with the guy ahead of you in the queue at a store, yeah no that’s just being too forward. What about giving a co-worker of the opposite sex a hug,,, aaaaah blasphemy !!

I don’t mean I want to do all those things with every Tom, Dick and Harry, but don’t you sometime wish you could at least have the option to. And better yet don’t you wish that if you did anything of the sort then people around you wouldn’t think you’re making a pass at the guy in the next office just for giving him a pat on the shoulder. Well don’t worry I haven’t been put in such a situation yet, and I stress yet because to err is human and to forgive is divine, I can only imagine the impact if I did… actually kind of funny, in a sad way.

I’ve always wished and wanted simple things like these to be a norm in my daily life… Especially being raised by such social and friendly folks, in a western country… with a western attitude to life, yet a reality check of what they prepared me for here.. But for now I’ll settle for what I got and make the best of it… Especially when in reality we all know that here a lot of these freedoms are abused and will be taken for granted.. It’s all in people’s minds to change the future of this country and frankly I see it going backwards rather than forward… for now I’ll say… Kudos to private space and the best poker faces in the world.


I’m off to D town on a business trip for a week… will catch up with you soon my lovelies :)


12 Responses to “When ?”

  1. Sar7aan said

    rules.. or whatever we are meant to follow is put to be broken in a way or another..

    its your choice either to break or not… but make sure that you do it your way

    Loved ur blog :)

  2. Nouri said

    so … rules rules rules … and as Sa7aan said they are meant to be broken and i don’t see a problem with rules … but what i hate the most this stupid traditions these are the rules that if you even think of breaking them woooow … your surrounding community weather its work, friends, or family you will be that really bad person who never respects no one … it’s your choice to break it or not so it’s up to u

    Nice layout T.C
    And have fun @ D town

  3. Marzouq said

    It would be nice if things were simpler, but that isn’t really the case in Kuwait. They always assume the worse, and its not because your family doesn’t want you to be happy but they don’t want you be stuck in a bad situation or assumed you did something wrong when you didn’t.

  4. ms. baker said

    You see where you are? Thats exactly where I was not too long ago. Proper, self-conscious, immersed in my propriety and background and how I was bred and taught to be, how I had been molded – and molded myself to be too. The good girl, the good girl Miss Everything for everyone…

    Then came the mid- thirties. Thats when I realized that the only rules that should not be broken – ever- are those that are there to prevent harm or damage or great unkindness to others. And it’s around that age that my fear started to fall away and the kind of belief in myself, the belief that I knew what was right and what was wrong and always would and didnt need to work so hard anymore, and didnt need to be afraid anymore – that was when it set in and I got it. I know who I am and there is nothing to fear about it, nothing to doubt.

    You cannot help what others think. Most of the time, they are far, far more screwed up than you even though you would never think that because that’s not who you are. Those who love you know what is what when it comes to you and know what you mean and what you don’t.

    The only rules I now abide by with every bone in my body and every bit of my soul are: harm no one and no creature. Be of the truth. Be a conduit for what is right, what helps others, what is good and true and to do this as best as I can with the circumstances I have.

    Hmm…on the other hand, Now that I think of it in my case the rules of: “try not to make an ass of yourself” and “Stop talking so much!” are particularly good ones for me to think on too. That much has not changed over the years LOL ;)

    Have a safe and happy trip sweetie. Say hi to D town, Talk to you/see you soon :**

  5. Ma Cherie D

    Je m’ennuie de toi,

    Have fun in D-Town


  6. Pooj said

    (A) Live for yourself – discreetly so everyone can be happy (If possible?)

    (B) Pack your bags and let’s go to Bali. We’ll have a weekend of all that you want and more :D

    Other than that – find your own happiness in whatever way you can. The world is drowning in perpertual double standards and it’s not only by you .. It’s everywhere


  7. B said

    Welcome back hun :*
    Hope u enjoyed D-town!

  8. B said

    it’s been too long!
    Post something will you

  9. lily said

    I remeber those days..I switch masks now adays its sad. When you come from a conservative background and there are expectations you are bound to disappoint when you are even a bit outgoing. I managed to find a balance. Although when I was in kuwait for two years my aunt deemed me as an “easy” going girl. but hey, thats what I got for striking up a conversation with a teenager selling pirated movies. I bet I know more about kuwait from its people then she does sitting at her lofty tower:P Sorry talking too much lol! Have fun at D-town!

  10. Gavrilin said

    То что бредомысли это точно :)
    Видно настиг творческий кризис. Мысле нет о чем писать :)

  11. Ferinannnd said

    Суперский пост! Блог уже в ридере )

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