colette-jason-broks.gif For the longest time I’ve had the following quote on my “About DiiGMaa” page:

“This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.”

And when Yazeed commented here.. I realize enough is enough I need to edit this page.. but in all honestly I really don’t know what to write here.. and this old post is the closest I ever got to talking about me –> DiiGMaa The Strange
well atleast the ODD me..

Help needed please..

so if you know me.. or better yet, if you’ve read my blog.. tell me something you noticed about me, or what you precieve me to be like.. and so on..

I’d like to see what you guys have to say..

or how I’m percieved by others..

And don’t one of you go saying I’m wako.. coz thats a given..

Yalla, whats your DiiGMaa observation ?


29 Responses to “About DiiGMaa”

  1. Yazeed said

    This is an example of a comment to the About page.

  2. DiiGMaa said

    Lol !!

    Tara walla 9arly qarn aby aktib shay hnee.. but I’m still trying to figure myself out.. my many selvea ;P I was actually gonna ask my friends to write this for me.. coz they know me better than I know me :P

    you know ? :P

  3. Yazeed said

    where did my comment go!

    anyways heres another shot

    let me chip in and write something about you:

    DiiGMaa, the girl that I will always remember by being so lazy to write a few lines about herself, but finds the time and effort to change the design of her blog with each post.


  4. DiiGMaa said

    3eyazt o I comment back but wordpress was acting up.. o now there’s no way I’m gonna write that looooooooooooooong response for the millionth time.. and it this comment doest get published I’m gonna have a fit..


    laish ildrama madree !!:P

  5. Yazeed said

    what were u going to say :)
    i’ll write something when i wake up, need sleep now 3.30 am here :P

    Sweet ZZZZzzzzzzz Yazeezzz :)

  6. MSB said

    Diigmaa: full of energy, sparkling personality, worldly, friendly, thoughtful & caring.. she’s a joy to be around and always brings a smile to people’s faces. the more u know this girl, the more u want to know about her!!

    Worldy.. ashkurich 3ala hal kilma ily wayed akbar miny..
    miss you ;**

  7. Purgatory said

    I always thought you were a guy.

    you flatter me too much..

  8. a3sab said

    the greatest set of teeth :-) with a very strong but attractive bri’ish accent

    hehehe thanx from your local CREST spokeswoman :P
    you’re such a doll ;)

  9. Yazeed said

    I dont know her personally,
    but she seems like full of life, creative, kind, funny, outgoing, (i should have added an and b4 outgoing so i could finish this sentence here) and fun to be with. (add what MSB said, and a3sab :P)
    Her comments make me laugh/smile, keeps me wishing she posts more often (naqzaa).
    for people who dont speak arabic, DiiGMaa is arabic for button.

    Walla 3eraftny yal shai6aan :P
    3ashaanik I’ll post more often.. min e3yoony hathy gabil e3yoony hathy :)

  10. Marzouq said

    My observations and they will be added throughout the day..
    A very nice person who has a simple outlook on life, and cares about her family who can get lost in a bookstore for days without noticing time passing by.
    A great person at heart, and a funky attitude to life with thoughts bouncing around her head! Gotta love how things go! Nothing is impossible with DiiGMaa! :)
    I will be adding more to this later!

    It’s almost freaky how well you know me :S
    Walla it3arifny Yal Shayib !!
    I’m waiting for the rest Darling !! (and my Ducati)

  11. LeeMy said

    Well.. my Diigma Observation goes something like this:
    – she can always read my mind (so you probably know what i am gonna write)
    – she has this power to attract and entice all walks of people! wherever we went it was fun! (even smuggle me into sold-out seats of F1!)
    – the best person to talk to (whether it was a problem or a share an embarassing moment with)
    needless to say – i miss this gurl so much & she means a lot to me!

    Nowwwwwaaaaaaaaar ilblog…
    I know you’re my most loyal silent reader.. but you and a few others know me better than I know myself and I’m so glad you commented ;**
    I miss you more and you mean a lot more to me Leemy ;*

  12. Marzouq said

    Ok you have an appreciation for beautiful things! Be it books.. motorcycles.. cars.. houses.. apartments.. bags.. all of the above.. and a few other things…
    You try to keep things up beat even when there is a screw up.. lifes too short to be pissed off all the time, and so you smile and bounce back..
    You like a lot of people, but you love certain people! Its a short and simple statement of YOU!

    Yet again your right on the dot !!
    “You like a lot of people, but you love certain people! ”
    I always say I have MANY acquantances but a few real friends :)
    and as for the smiling.. seriously when I am low.. I always hum or sing thiss tune : Smile by Nat King Cole

  13. do0da said

    well id help cuz i knw how much this sux in fact if you check my blog my about me was written by a friend :P but i hardly knw you in this is the 3rd time i come here i think :P
    3ad ana i have this thing where i change my about me from time to time kilmara a7in 3ala a7ad to write one for me ilyoum malait min mine o gilt ok ilask around and see if several ppl can throw in examples and il pick the best one and ta daa you’ve actually had this goin for several days b4 me which is good since now il knw what kind of thing to expect =P i usually just pick some1 of my msn list and nag and nag and nag til they come up with something =P

    tha7aktny 3al nag and nag and nag..
    You’re always welcome here and though I don’t know you I have one observation so far if you’d like to add it to your profile page.. You’re a great friend that ppl can rely on (a7im coz you’re taking care of No3iks blog while she’s gallivanting in Milan :P (btw are you free next week.. coz I’ll be traveling on business too :P))
    Oh and you can get a little impatient and start to nag till you settle what you want :)
    And you’re a sweetheart ;)
    Wait wasn’t this supposed to be about me ? :P

  14. S.a.S aka Boochi said

    Well .. what can i say ..
    I’ve known this pretty woman .. for as long as i can remember! we saw the good and bad this life has to offer;
    1.extremly talented in everything!
    2.very sweet
    3.generous, will get out of her way to help
    4.amazing cook
    5.very understanding
    6.Funny when she’s in the mood to be funny
    7. can mimick an indian accent and a dumb blonde american accent
    8. Turns heads everywhere we go
    9. She has this smile that makes her get away with murder
    10. Oh ! magic fingers that make anything thats broken work again
    11. she loves assembling furniture, very do it myself kinda gal
    12. extremely stubborn when she wants to
    13. don’t talk to her when she’s mad or upset.. i’ve learnt that .. just let her be .. she’ll get over it :P
    14. Digmaa’s a pro in dissapearing for days and days
    15. drinks tea with her pinky finger raised .. just like a typical british old lady:P
    16. sleeps with her mobile phone close to her
    17. she always sings abu baker salim songs and aseel :P
    18. and the list goes on and on …

    I miss you so much.. truly.. I love that you know me better than me.. and you forgot to mention that my bestest bestest bud in the world, that I would do anything for, is my sweet Boochi :*
    7. Working on a Russian one now :P
    10. You remembered Magic Fingers ;*
    11. missed ya at truevalue shoppin for a drill :P

  15. do0da said

    awal shay thanks for the compliments :P oo LOL yes this was suppossed to be about you bes ka yala boochi’s got a long enough list =P


  16. Elijah said

    I’ve only recently met you here, but you seem to have one of the purest hearts (madri, just a hunch), you can smile even when everything around you is screwed up, and you can make people smile with your cool and funny comments.
    Hope to know you more :)
    Does Diigmaa really mean button like Yazeed said? I know Arabic but I’ve never heard of it :/ and why?

    Thank you so much for your sweet words.. mademe blush :)
    emm yeah it does mean Button ;P but not a shirt button.. it is usually refered to in the sense of a techy button on a remote or gadget or whatever.. like the number dials on the phone.. the reason ??
    well what do all these buttons have in commen ? They’re all TINY, SMALL & PETITE !!
    yeah so I got this name from my sis and mum years back whenever I would go shopping with them everything was too big.. emm I’m not that tiny anymore :P I admit need to tone up.. but I am still petite and barely 5’2″.. so I still am DiiGMaa :P

  17. Baroque said

    madree, bs a7ibich ;*
    can i say that we’ve been thru this blogish world together?
    madree, but u’re like one of my fav. blogger buds.. i always know u’ll be there.. and yeah, when are we going to meet?

    ana ily a7ibich wayed wayed !!
    I’m hoping we take that ride to Jahra together.. I tried a million ties to comment on that post and madre laish blogger didn’t publish my comment :S
    bs yalla im9ekhat.. lets meet !

  18. Loura said

    Well Diigmaa, this is my first time checkin ur blog.. ive seen ur comments earlier on other’s blogs.. never checked urs but today.

    I cant talk about ur posts.. but i can tell how neat and classy u r.. just by checking ur template and the blog arrangement. Good Luck sis.

    Thats simply so sweet of you ;*

  19. Pooj said

    3Cs: Classy, Charismatic, Classy.

    Nothing less and always more ..

  20. Frankxc said

    Great resource. keep it up!!Thanks a lot for interesting discussion, I found a lot of useful information!With the best regards!

  21. Yazeed said

    oh and shes a pussycat doll too


  22. work in progress said

    Hi Diigmaa,
    This is the first time I comment on your blog and although I havent gone through everything yet I can safely say that your one in a trillion :) Its refreshing to hear you say what you have to say and although some people find you weird, I would say the opposite, I believe that your simply misunderstood ;) Guess your the type of person who I would have no problem talking to for hours and hours and hours and yet still find lots to say :P (thats a good thing by the way)
    Look forward to reading what you post here and keep up the amazing work;
    your newest fan…
    work in progress :P

    work in progress:
    Welcome to my online escape.. thank you for your kind words and you’re always welcome to pop in and comment.. don’t read too much into my post though heheh.. and you flatter me too much :)

  23. Judy Abbott said

    fun, intellectual digma women, very positive and busy…
    sweet and adventurous by heart.

    i feel comfortable to enjoy my time with you without saying a single work…having you as a company is simply joy

  24. Ms.Baker said

    It’s not that you are one of the loveliest, warmest, sweetest, most refreshing, unique, highly intelligent, and most genuinely good and true hearted ladies I know – and you are all of those things personified…

    It’s that you embody the rare quality of being an inspiration. It is the infectious light of your boundless joie de vivre that lovingly penetrates all those lucky enough to come close.

    It-disheen il-galb, ya Diigma. You enter a lovely space in one’s heart and that place is forever kept safe for you :)

  25. Steve said

    Ha ha… So pretty much written here! I love the post and want to involve with the blog. Thanks Pal for nice sharing :)

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