July 4, 2007

safari.gif Jambo Jambo, Habari ?

I’ve been back from the jungle a week now.. but too busy with family from around the GCC that are visiting for a cousins wedding.. the wedding is over.. they are enjoying their stay at The D Hotel and I’m being quite the host..

Hakuna matata !

will tell you about my trip and adventures later when I have time for a real post..

as for now.. I miss you lot to bits ;**

and as long as I get my “me time” next week, I’m ok with this temporery madness.

(Oh and Happy 4th.. especially to my ladies B&T.. in Bean Town.. missing you lots darlings and have some fried dough on my behalf :*)


To me, you are…

June 2, 2007

love-actually-thumbnail.jpg … … perfect.


A couple of weeks back, I was having a discussion with a friend about how no one is perfect and that peoples imperfections are what make them perfect.. I was taken aback when he said “you are perfect”.. obviously I replied instantly with the overly used common “no one is perfect”.. then that’s when he said, “but to me, you are perfect”..


It wasn’t the fact that he flattered me to bits with those words.. I wasn’t surprised per se coz he thought of me so highly, I’m not that confident but I do embrace my imperfections and make them the best of me.. it was the fact that he used those exact words. I had heard them before and always felt flattered, but this time it was different. This time I instantly smiled and thought of the scene from Love Actually. My Favorite part of the movie that I love actually:



Now the reason why I thought of this Movie when I heard those words was simply coz only a few days before that incident I had another Love Actually encounter that I must say is one of the sweetest things ever. I was at a friends house at a gathering with the girls. I met my friends younger brother and was stunned at how much he resembled my own brother. Anyways, there was a lot of picture taking and videos shot of the lovely evening. The next day I met up with my friend and she showed me a small clip of the video her brother was supposedly taking of “us”. She told me that she thinks her little brother has a crush on me and when watching the video I would notice that he had focused on keeping the camera on me the whole time. I was so flattered, so cute really. And that’s when I recalled this scene from Love Actually.



Don’t you just love it when life reflects art ?


I’m sure many of you have related to shows and movies before.. I can list so many.. but this one was cute, and it happened all in the same time frame which made it ever so special..


Love actually,



*D Town Dazzle*

January 7, 2007

jason-brooks-blue.gif Happy New Year my lovelies ;*

I’m back and I missed you plenty.. I thought of you lots whilst I was away.. But not often enough as I was having too much fun :P

Well, the D Family finally found bookings to Dubai and preferred to go there seeming the kids were with us… I personally wanted to go to London but they kept stating that the kids would freeze and get bored of indoor activities.. but of course the first thing they do when we get to Dubai is take the kids skiing :P That was fun, til one of the kids fingers turned blue coz she took off her mittens to allow her easier access to eat the snow.. YES, SHE WAS EATING THE SNOW :p

Anyways, I had a blast ! It was simply smashing !

I must say many ppl kept asking me why, it’s only Dubai.. But to me it was so much much more..

  • Firstly there was the Escape issue.. I needed a spontaneous, random, lets go anywhere kinda trip.. it makes it more exciting.. I don’t like over planning.. takes away my thrill and doesn’t suit my everything last minute lifestyle..
  • Then there was the Family issue.. I haven’t been spending enough time with my dear familia.. and lately I’ve neglected the fact that they’re the most amazing ppl around me.. that love me unconditionally.. no matter what.. (I know you guys do too :*) and even though they make the Adams Family look normal.. they are a fun bunch !
  • Then there was the Exploring issue.. last time I went to Dubai was years and years ago.. so it would be all new for me seeming I’ve heard of the change.. and what a change it was.. Felt like Indiana Jones or one of the Goonies from all the maps that I kept reading :P
  • Coincidently my dear Friends from Bahrain “LeeMy” and “Emily”, (not their real names but what I call them :P) whom I haven’t seen for almost a year, were there at the same time. (I can’t wait to see you ladies again ;**)
  • Oh yeah and the Fun Fun Fun issue :)
  • (There was also a boy and heartache issue.. but that’s a given right ? and another reason for the Escape issue ;P)


So we did a lot.. and I’m not bothered to list them all :P but in a nutshell, I felt like I was in a different country every night.. and never did I feel like I was in an Arab state..

As for my New Year.. the strangest and most amazing New Year ever..

It wasn’t anything major.. At an amazing lounge… on the open air terrace overlooking the most amazing view and all the fireworks.. Surrounded by strangers while my family were busy wishing each other a great new year, taking pictures and making calls.. I was happy.. coz they were happy.. coz even the randomest ppl were all happy.. and for once.. I felt that just at that very moment.. Everything was good.. for good.. My perfect happy ending to 2006 (though I had the shi**iest week of the entire year before I ran off to Dubai)

There I was, in the future, celebrating my new year, and new beginning, before all the ppl I cared for and loved.. (Coz of the time difference :P).. it was all good.. and I hoped it would stay that way for good.. and so far.. Since I’ve been back, Life is good, I look better, feel better and I am better so much better !!!

Good riddance 2006 (sij fargach 3eed) !!