My Lovely London

September 29, 2008

A few months back I posted a short and quick post stating that I may have jinxed myself and letely only post when I am about to travel or when I get back due to my busy schedule. Now, to think I couldn’t take it any further, But I did. So apparently, now I have to be outta the country to have time to post :P

Anyone want anything from London ?

ahhh the weather is breathtaking.. been here a few days now.. fasting is a bit tough here.. but it all pays off when I simply step out of the flat and take a stroll and everything takes me back to my childhood memories.. and I feel like a child all over again. As much as I love Kuwait.. But after spending most my life being schooled and raised in London.. I can’t help but feel this was my first home and this is where I’ll always feel at home..

Everytime I come.. I worry about leaving my lovely London and heading back to Kuwait.. Wish I could take it home with me, and the weather :P

I better get up and close the window before my fingers drop off it’s so cold :)




Seriously ?
Yeah not kidding !
Actually I’m not off on another trip I just got back from another trip :P
I didn’t have the face to post before traveling.. as well as time issues !

I went to Qatar, for a wedding.. had a blast.. stayed at the Four Seasons.. and came back with the flu !
I’m typing this while tucked under a cozy blanky at my sisters house.. didn’t feel like staying home alone seeming my folks are outta town.. I hate this sick feeling ! I can’t smell, taste, and my nose is so red and sore !

Anyways, I am officially jinxed !
Remember when I was an active poster ? well now I’m lucky if I get something down once every month or two ! Huft !

I’m a busy gal ok ! but I miss this place.. I really really do…



Being the patient person that I am, the only thing I can’t tolerate is rudeness.. lately I realised I have a very limited tolerance for STUPID ppl too.. I used to pity them before for their ignorance.. but lately I really don’t have the time for it.. silly buggers !

I can’t handle cold hearted, emotionless ppl who take forever to express themselves even though they don’t mean to come across in such a manner but they end up doing so as a habit and when they do finally make an effort they expect some gratitude for it.. I say go shove a sock in it for Pete’s sake either do it with a good will or bloody well keep it to yourself !

How many chances do you give a person to prove themselves ? 1 ? 2 ? a week of patience ? 2 ? a month ?

I say twice, 3 times is enough.. otherwise why waste time waiting for something worthy when it’s just not in them !



Being sick and in bed all day.. the best way to kill time is obviously watch an Indian flick..

enjoy this clip from Jodhaa Akbar:

Funny.. only a few days ago I was wearing a Sari for a Henna Night prior to the wedding I attended.. and I was thinking to myself I haven’t seen an Indian movie in ages.. strange how things fall into place without planning right ?

Whatever !!! I know the clip is mushy and all lovey dovey… just deal with it ok.. my estrogen levels are high !!!

(Pooj… I miss you)

Stuck in Paradise

November 8, 2007

Everyone knows the typical question “if you were stuck on a deserted island what would you do ? / what would you wish you had with you ? / or even who would you like with you ?”

Well imagine you’re stuck on a happening island with so much to do, from trekking, to rock climbing, to diving, biking, island hoping and so much more; But, you can NOT do anything.. in-fact you have not yet even seen the beach.. worse yet you have only seen the airport, checked into a hotel the straight to the hospital.. yes hospital..

So here I am, after spa-ing in the North with Dad he decided he wanted to see the south of the country seeming he never had. So we booked spontaneously and the day we arrive, he falls sick, very sick; it scared me so much. I took him to the hospital and he’s been admitted the past 6 days, he’s had an emergency surgery and now he’s well.

It was so amazingly strange that in the midst of the holiday madness and storm of tourist on this very popular island, I felt very alone!

I felt I was on a deserted island.

So here’s my input for you about being stuck on an island:

– Even though I wasn’t on a deserted island it felt that way coz I was alone and felt I was losing my dad (allah e7aftha)

– In such a situation, you won’t care about a safe place to stay (I stayed mostly in the hospital bunking up outside the ICU)

– You won’t need a laptop or phone (though I kept in-touch with family and had support from a few friends.. I really wasn’t in the mood to chat)

– You won’t need food coz you’ll lose your appetite and if you starve you’ll make do with whatever you find.

– You will need hope and faith to keep your spirits high.

– but mostly you will need COMPANY.

After a few days my brothers arrived and it was nice to finally have a shoulder to lean on. So at the end of the day if I was stuck on a deserted island, all I’d want with me is … is … is someone to give me a hug, tell me all will be ok and a friendly face to smile to when I’m feeling low.

Dad is well (7imdilla), we’re just waiting for the doc to give us the ok so we may travel back home. Bro’s have been fab and the best support a little sister could ever have. Those friends who know have been beyond thoughtful and caring, and those who have yet to know I know they woulda been too. 

One thing I have to note is that this is a fab Hospital and have not seen the likes of it or anything close anywhere, not in Europe, States or the Middle East !

We all fear losing the ppl we love, to me maybe that is my biggest fear. but I must say I learned to balance that fear by trying to understand the cycle of life, and death. During my Father’s toughest days at the ICU, the nurses would ask me to leave as it’s against hospital regulation for anyone to be there for long. The newborn baby nursery was close to the ICU, I would step out and gaze through the nursery window and attain an instant sensation of warmth and calmness. It’s amazing how the sight of children could make you forget the worries of the world, or atleast in my case it made my mind at ease.


Their kids here are beyond adorable ! They look like real life anime.. they even sound like it too ! absolutely adorable I tell you !!